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Gator Watch Watch, Report, Protect! Together for a Safe Campus.

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1 Gator Watch Watch, Report, Protect! Together for a Safe Campus

2 University Police Department Law enforcement service for UF 90 certified FL law enforcement officers State and nationally, and internationally accredited “The Triple Crown” Office of Victim Services Community Service Division

3 Resources All Emergencies 911 UPD352-392-1111 UPD website GPD352-334-2400 ASO352-955-1818 Emergency Management352-264-6500 FEMA (In Florida) 850-413-9969 Rumor Control352-264-6557 Red Cross352- 376-4669

4 Preventing Crime The Crime Triangle Desire Ability Opportunity

5 Opportunity Only element WE control Opportunity = Crime Reduce opportunity, reduce crime!

6 Personal Safety Don’t walk alone- safety in numbers. Stay on populated, well- lighted streets If you exercise at night, do so with a friend Use SNAP- the nighttime campus escort service Become familiar with blue light phones Walk confidently, be aware of surroundings Take a self defense class (RAD) Follow your intuition If you see something/someone suspicious, get away and call the police

7 Traffic Safety Obey traffic signals Treat bicycles as vehicles Watch out for pedestrians Prevent crashes and avoid fines Maintain campus speed limit of 20 MPH

8 Property Security Secure your property Don’t leave property unattended Keep track of keys Register bicycles with UPD Register valuables with Operation Identification Use “Target Hardening" to make it as difficult as possible for the thief Mark your property (Operation Id) Register property Use common sense

9 Gator Watch A program to increase the number of people actively observing and reporting incidents to: –Improve campus safety –Decrease crime –Increase community involvement –Improve police response

10 As a Gator Watcher You…. Go about your normal daily tasks Be observant of the area around you Contact the police when something suspicious is observed Never hesitate to call the police

11 What is Suspicious? Anything out of the ordinary or that attracts your attention. Trust you intuition Suspicion doesn't require proof Never attempt to apprehend someone!

12 Spotting Suspicious People A person may be considered suspicious if he/she is: In a building after working hours Moving slowly, with no apparent destination Looking around excessively Avoiding well-lighted areas Avoiding police or traffic Wearing seasonal clothing Carrying certain objects Driving in an unusual manner

13 Reporting a Crime Location of crime Type of crime Time crime occurred or if it is in process Description of suspect Description of vehicle

14 Description of the Suspect Height Weight Age Sex/race Hair(style and color) Name, if known Scars, tattoos, limp? Clothing Jewelry Objects carried What drew your attention?

15 Description of the Vehicle Make, model, year, color Tag number and state Distinguishing features –Distinctive wheels, stickers –Noisy muffler or radio –Broken window or other damage –Owner, if known

16 Calling the Police Stay calm. Identify yourself (or tell the operator you wish to remain anonymous). Tell the operator the number of the telephone you are calling from. Let the operator control the conversation. He or she will be filling out a form and will need the information in a set order. Stay on the line until the police arrive or until the operator tells you to hang up.

17 Getting Started By being here today you already have! Be alert Talk with coworkers about Gator Watch Tell a supervisor or call the police when you observe a problem

18 Thank you! Stay Safe… Questions?

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