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Possessive Pronouns Lesson 16.

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1 Possessive Pronouns Lesson 16

2 Replace the underlined possessive nouns with possessive pronouns in sentences 2-3.
In sentence 1, the possessive pronoun their replaces two possessive nouns, Julie’s and Wilma’s. His Its In sentence 4, the phrase the sandwich that belongs to you can be replaced by your sandwich. Their art Replace the underlined phrase in sentence 5 with a possessive pronoun followed by a noun.

3 Complete numbers 7-9. In sentence 6, mine is a possessive pronoun that stands alone, replacing my display. His Ours Yours

4 This skateboard is _____.
Complete the sentence frames by adding a possessive pronoun that stands alone. This skateboard is _____. mine The boys’ dog is _____. theirs

5 LA 99 Add reflexive pronouns to sentences 2-6.
Sentence 1 has a reflexive pronoun himself follows an action verb, hurt. Himself refers back to the subject of the sentence, he.

6 Write a pronoun in the blank.
John taught _____ how to draw. himself Did you pain that picture _____? yourself

7 Writing Write 5 sentences describing a self portrait you would paint.
Identify the possessive pronouns in your description. Display the following: my, your, her, his, its, our, their, mine, yours, hers, ours, theirs, myself, yourself, herself, himself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.

8 Use the correct possessive or reflexive pronoun in parentheses.
(My, Mine) project is compete. My Teresa is finished with (hers, herself) also. hers She carried it to school (hers, herself). herself Which display area is (our, ours)? ours (Your, Yours) table is the one by the door. Your

9 The End!!!

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