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Action Plan Guidelines

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1 Action Plan Guidelines
This is your working document What do you want to accomplish Who is going to do what When is it going to get done What resources did you see this week that you’d like to adapt for use What resources do you need for you plan Tell us what helped you most; what’s missing, what needs improvement As you work, post your Action Plan on the Ed Academy Community so that others may observe your work Save your presentation on this USB Memory Stick. Please Title and name the file, identifying your location Do not write or save over the template, keep it for reference. A report out of accomplishments is due Nov. 15 Work with your Intel Education Manager to submit Note: sample completed Action Plans from 2008 are on the website

2 Action Plan Template Intel ISEF 2009 Educator Academy May 2009
Palestine Ministry of Education

3 High Level Goals What do you want to accomplish for your school, region or country? Look at long term goals (3-5 years) and short term (1-2 year Long term goals (3-5 years) Building teachers’ capacity to use research/project based learning in grades 9th – 11th in teaching Science . Increase the number of students participating in science fairs. Science as a favorite and enjoyable subject to students . All schools (2430 schools, in 22 districts ) participating at the national fair . Science research methodologies become a part of school curriculum .

4 High Level Goals Short term goals (1-2 year)
Implement science activities during summer vacation local committee support science fairs. Developing training curriculum for both teachers and students. Consolidate first Intel ISEF affilliated science fair with the participation of 100 research based projects. Improve scientific review and judging Participating and wining an award at Intel ISEF 2010

5 Objectives How will you know you succeeded?
Please list the results you want to see Science Fairs in each districts increases . High quality research/project based learning implemented in grades 9th-11th . increase the number of participants ( schools, teachers and students from 9th-11th grades)by time Increase the number of Volunteers and mentors. implementing the first Intel ISEF affilliated science fair successfuly wining an award at Intel ISEF 2010

6 Action Plan Action Measure success? Who’s Responsible? By when?
Promotion of science fairs Awareness workshops About Standards and Rules to build a national Fair. students participating at local fairs. MOE + AlNAYZAK June 2009 Assigning Coordinators in Districts One coordinator per district MOE July 2009 Identify potential group of teachers as key promoters within schools and Workshop for them as local facilitators and judges. Reach the maximum number of teachers from all the districts of the country Implement a science research course for the high schools students Training participants students on the science research skills October 2009

7 Action Plan… Action Measure success? Who’s Responsible? By when?
Re-Affiliate the local science fair with Intel ISEF completing ISEF affiliation. MOE + AlNAYZAK October 2009 Final National science fair Select three Winners and an Observer for ISEF and felicitate teachers. November – December 2009 Prepare winners of local competitions for ISEF. Projects of Intel ISEF standard. January - April 2010 Sponsor winners to attend Intel ISEF. Students participate at the Intel ISEF 2009. . MOE + AlNAYZAK May 2010

8 Intel ISEF Educator Academy
As a result of your participation in the 2009 Educator Academy, reflect on your experience. Highlight what your team felt was the key learning from the Educator Academy New style of teaching and utilize Science in Life rather than just learn it as a traditional subject . Various local fair models which implemented by different countries. The professional arrangements for this huge event Which Shop Talks were the most beneficial for your team? Student as Scientist & Design and Discover . An Independent high school science research course How to present yourself and deal effectively with the media Hands on science classes and its impact on job creation Nobel laureate What types of Shop Talks were missing? Resources and materials (sample curriculum)


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