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Words to know………. Numerator is also called the top # And the denominator can be called the bottom # How to do…… Check to see that you have fractions and NOT mixed numbers. If you have mixed numbers, make them into IMPROPER FRACTIONS. Now multiply numerator times numerator and denominator times denominator – STRAIGHT ACROSS! If your answer is an improper fraction, convert to to a mixed number by dividing. + + x x

2 1. 2.

3 Keep, Change, Flip Dividing Fractions
When dividing fractions, you DO NOT have to find a common denominator! All mixed numbers and whole numbers must be converted to fractions. The only part that is different from multiplying fractions, is finding the reciprocal of the second fraction. (flip-flop) Keep, Change, Flip

4 Dividing Fractions

5 Dividing Fractions

6 Dividing Fractions

7 Practice! Get a lined piece of paper. Fold it into 8ths.
First box put your full name. Then, number 1-15. You will write the expression for each answer. Show your steps to get credit.


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