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Integrated Science Unit 3, Chapter 6.

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1 Integrated Science Unit 3, Chapter 6

2 Unit Three: Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 6 Electricity and Electric Circuits 6.1 What is a Circuit? 6.2 Charge

3 Chapter 6 Learning Goals
Build simple circuits. Trace circuit paths. Interpret the electric symbols for battery, bulb, wire, and switch. Draw a circuit diagram of a real circuit. Explain why electrical symbols and circuit diagrams are useful. Explain how a switch works. Identify open and closed circuits. Charge pieces of tape and observe their interactions with an electroscope. Identify electric charge as the property of matter responsible for electricity. List the two forms of electric charge. Describe the forces electric charges exert on each other. Describe how lightning forms.

4 Chapter 6 Vocabulary Terms
circuit diagram closed circuit coulomb electric circuits electrically charged electric charge electrically neutral electroscope electrical symbols natural world negative charge open circuit positive charge static electricity versorium

5 6.1 What is a circuit Key Question: What is an electric circuit?

6 6.1 Why learn about electricity?
We use it everyday. (We have to pay for it!) It can be very powerful. It can be dangerous.

7 6.1 Electric Circuits An electric circuit is something that provides a path through which electricity travels. The wires, switches, and motors are connected in electric circuits.

8 6.1 Electric Circuits People’s first experience with electricity was in the natural world. Examples: The wiring that lights your house is an electric circuit. The nerves in your body create electric circuits. Lightning, clouds, and the planet Earth form an electric circuit. The car battery, ignition switch, and starter form an electric circuit.




12 6.1 Mini Quiz What is electricity? What is an electric circuit?
What is meant by closed circuit and open circuit? Draw the symbol for a battery? What is a short circuit?

13 6.2 Charge Key Question: What is moving through a circuit?

14 6.2 Charge Electric charge is a fundamental property of matter.
There are two types of charge: positive negative



17 6.2 The Coulomb and the Atom
The unit of electric charge is the coulomb (C). Electrons in atoms stay close to the protons because they are attracted to each other.

18 6.2 The electroscope

19 6.2 Using an electroscope to test an unknown charge

20 6.2 Mini Quiz What are the kinds of electric charge?
What is static electricity? What do unlike charges do to each other? What is the unit of electric charge? What can you do with an electroscope?

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