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3 Damien Hirst The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991 Tiger shark, Glass, Steel, Formaldehyde Complete the 5W’s from the Art placemats in your books for this work. Stick in the picture next to your writing.



6 Is this Art? What makes a piece of Art, Art? What opportunity do you have as a young artist starting the ocean project? What ideas does looking at Damien Hirsts work give you?

7 Do…. Make a piece of Art about the videos you have seen today. Half a sketchbook page, plan first, then develop your sketches – this is called process drawing, and its how artists develop big ideas! Think about what we are going to find at the beach on Thursday to help you! Homework – find out more about Damien Hirst – What other types of Artwork has he made? Find images of your favourites!

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