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College of Science and Humanity Studies, Al-Kharj.

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1 College of Science and Humanity Studies, Al-Kharj

2 Level8 (1rst Semester)

3 Course Title :Syntax& Morphology

4 Prepared by Teacher: Bahia Khalifa Ibrahim

5 Objectives: The lecture will provide information concerning the levels of language analysis. Definition of morphology Types of morphology.

6 The Typographical Level Capitalization SpellingSpacing Punctuation

7 The Morphological Level The Morphologic al Level Prefixes SuffixesCompounds

8 The Grammatical Level Subject-Verb Agreement : The boy opens the door The boy open the door Active-Passive: The door was opened by the boy. The door were opened by the boy.

9 The Semantic Level Grammatical: The woman is pregnant. Acceptable: The man is pregnant.

10  Discuss the various levels of language analysis ( when applicable)to two of the following sentences.  The green-houses are used extensively in agriculture.  The co-pilot unexpectedly decides to land in a desert.

11  Colorless green ideas sleep furiously  The taxi-deriver disregards the red-light.

12  The identification, analysis, and description of the structure of a given language’s morphemes and other linguistic units, such as root words, affixes, parts of speech…etc.  Morpheme:  A minimal unit of meaning or grammatical function. Morphology

13 Types of Morphemes MorphemesFreeBound

14 Free morphemes Lexical housesincereFunctionalbut because

15 Bound morphemes DerivationalSuffixesPrefixesInflectionalTensePlural/possessive

16 Problems in Morphological Descriptions Law/Legal Sheep Men

17 Morph & Allomorphs Morphs: The actual form used to realize morphemes. Cat, boy, derive Allomorphs: Are attached to a number of lexical morphemes to produce structures such as: (cat+plural) (Sheep+plural)…etc. (zero-morph).

18 Important sites Morphology linguistics GWawOXLdqriClXtA2IefA

19 Suggested Topics for research Levels of Language Analysis Morphology: Definition & Types Word formation Processes. Syntax: Definition, Parts of Speech, syntactic categories. Syntactic analysis: methods of syntactic analysis.

20  Grammar: Definition, types of grammar.  Generative grammar  Phrase structure rules  Transformation Generative Grammar

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