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Guidelines for Success (Rules) Clase del Sr. Schmalhorst.

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2 Guidelines for Success (Rules) Clase del Sr. Schmalhorst

3 Guidelines for Success l RESPECT yourself, teacher, peers and all staff l Be in your assigned seat ready to work when the bell rings l Bring paper, pen, pencils, agenda and any other supplies needed everyday l Keep hands, feet, book, and other objects to your self. Do not throw things (paper) across the room. l No swearing, rude gestures, or put downs are allowed

4 Classroom Procedures: Entering the room l The students will enter the room and pick up their notebooks, and work on the warm-up activity of the day. Be serious about your studies and come prepared.

5 Ending class l Students will put away all material and organize the classroom for the next class. They also will wait to be dismissed by the teacher.

6 Restroom l I do not allow restroom breaks during class. Go before you come to class. l

7 Materials l I will ask for one or two volunteers to help distribute and pick up the material used during class. I will not release until all materials are picked up and organized.

8 Assignments l I try to have a variety or assignment such as book work, participation, worksheets, and projects. I will have at least fifteen daily grades and three major grades. The major grades can be two tests and a project. l If an assignment is late more than two days, the highest grade will be a 70. l If the student is absent, the student will have the same number of days to make up the assignment.

9 Parent Communication l I keep a log of all the phone calls and e- mails sent to the parents. l I make contact with parents regarding grades and behavior. l I also try to give a follow up call to let the parents know if the behavior has improved.

10 Grading system l I follow the district guide lines. l Spanish language classes use a 60/40 formula. l Test- If the student fails a test, he or she may retest and receive the average of the two, or may make corrections to the test for additional points.

11 Textbooks l Respect the books! Our textbooks are valuable resources and must be treated as such. Treating the textbook roughly will result in a referral and a call home. l At the end of class, a student volunteer will be responsible for giving me a book count before you are dismissed.

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