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Effects of War of 1812.

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1 Effects of War of 1812


3 W I N E R

4 Westward Expansion Native Americans weakened
-Tecumseh’s death ended unity movement -No more help from British

5 Industry increased blockade forced us to make our own stuff

6 no territory changed hands
No winner (tie) no territory changed hands Before After

7 Nationalism Pride for USA grew – no one can beat us!! We’re #1 !!

8 Earned “Americanisms”
patriotic things -“Star Spangled Banner” -White House (painted to cover burn marks) -War Hero – Andrew Jackson

9 Respect for America from other nations
For such a young country, they sure are strong! Wow, those Americans sure can fight!!

10 The Industrial Revolution


12 The Industrial Revolution changed the way people worked.
-From farming to Factories -From hand tools to machine -More goods, more quickly!

13 It began in England. They didn’t want other countries to know how to build the machines so they made it illegal to leave England if you had worked in a factory!!

14 No, I’m not Samuel Slater!!
It made its way to America when Samuel Slater memorized how to build them machines and then sailed to America in disguise! No, I’m not Samuel Slater!! The name is John Doe!

15 New England was a good place to set up factories because of….

16 -Rivers for water power
-Willing workers (subsistence farmers) -Seaports for exporting -Wealthy investors

17 The first factories were spinning mills that turned cotton fibers into yarn and employed children between the ages of 7 and 12.

18 Later Francis Cabot Lowell opened a factory that could spin yarn and weave it into cloth. He began to hire young farm girls who lived in company owned boarding houses. They became known as the “Lowell Girls”


20 Schedule for “Lowell Girls”

21 Photo of early spinning and weaving machines taken at
Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington DC

22 Parts exactly alike! Faster production Easier repairs
Eli Whitney also impacted the Industrial Revolution with the innovation of interchangeable parts. Parts exactly alike! Faster production Easier repairs Led to assembly line


24 Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington DC
Photo of early Whitney rifle and its interchangeable parts taken at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington DC

25 Many other inventors and their inventions impacted American life during this time:

26 Robert Fulton -Improved steamboat -Faster water transportation

27 Samuel F.B. Morse -telegraph – Morse Code -faster communication


29 John Deere -steel plow -for harder soil of Midwest

30 Cyrus McCormick -mechanical reaper -faster/easier harvesting

31 Eli Whitney also invented the cotton gin which had four major impacts American society….
Photo of early Whitney Cotton Gin taken at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, Washington DC


33 People moved west to begin Cotton plantations

34 Cotton became the #1 crop –
most valuable crop

35 Native Americans are driven off land to make room for plantations.

36 Slavery became even more important to the Southern economy


38 Slave Quarters at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Plantation



41 Spirituals became an important part of slave and African American culture.


43 Nat Turner was a Virginia slave who led a rebellion against slave owners….
-Turner and his followers attack and kill whites -They were eventually caught/hanged -Spread fear in the South -Harsh laws passed for African Americans


45 -Although slaves made up about 1/3 of the South’s population by 1840, most Southerners did not own slaves!!! -

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