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2nd Amendment—Right to bear arms

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1 2nd Amendment—Right to bear arms
“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

2 What is the debate with the right to bear arms?
How much can the government keep guns from criminals and youth? In order to keep guns away from criminals, does that limit the right of law abiding citizens?

3 Gun debate continued….. Thousands of people die every year because of guns Thousands of crimes are prevented because of guns Shoes representing gun deaths.

4 Third Amendment The Government cannot force you to shelter soldiers in your home without your consent in time of war or peace.

5 Rights of the Accused Amendments #4-8 Important to preserve freedom

6 Fourth Amendment What does the police need in order to search your home? A warrant given to him by a judge Probable cause is also needed

7 Fifth Amendment You cannot be tried for the same crime twice—called “Double Jeopardy” You do not have to testify against yourself: "I plead the fifth” You must have due process of law before you are convicted The government cannot take your land unless it pays you fair market value=Eminent Domain

8 Sixth Amendment Right to speedy trial by impartial jury—meaning not favoring either side

9 Seventh Amendment Guarantees the right to a jury trial in most civil cases

10 Eighth Amendment No excessive bail No cruel and unusual punishment

11 Ninth Amendment The Bill of Rights cannot deny other rights previously held by the people

12 Tenth Amendment The states remain in charge within their own borders

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