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The District Jarosław The Administrative District Jarosław invites.

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2 The District Jarosław The Administrative District Jarosław invites

3 The District Jarosław The administrative district Jarosław is situated in southly - the eastern part of Poland (province Podkarpacie) at the international rout E-40, to the future highway And - 4 Germany – Ukraine

4 The District Jarosław The Statistics of the Administrative District Jarosław The surface of the administrative district - 1029 km2 Populace the communes - 2 municipal, 9 country-, 152 localities in this 97 village administrator's offices The population - 122 067 (the state on 30.09.2004 the year) The density of population - 118 persons /the km The Statistics

5 The District Jarosław Foreign partners The Region Jaworow – Ukraine The Administrative district Schönebeck – Germany The Administrative district Michalovce – Slovakia The Administrative district Troki – Lithuania The Administrative district Oknica – Moldavia

6 The District Jarosław Economic subjects (the state on November 2004 the year) - In general 8520 in this: -the public section 287 -the private sector 8233 The labour market: The average reward the gross in The Administrative District Jarosław - 1744 złoty - the lowest reward - 824 złoty - unemployed - 10.091 the foot of the unemployment - 19, 9% The economy

7 The District Jarosław Human resources The economy Directions of the education: - the economy - the geodesy - computer science and the electronics - chemical and alimentary - clothes- and textile - the protection of the environment - the agriculture In the school year 2004/2005 to overgrammar-school schools frequented 8476 schoolboys

8 The District Jarosław Human resources The State- Higher Polytechnic in Jarosław educates about 14 thousand students. directions: - the accountancy and finance of firms - the economics and the organization of the food- economy - the tourism and the hotel trade - practical computer science - the nursing *postgraduate studies The economy

9 The District Jarosław Human resources The higher School Economicly - Humanistic in the Boat, Sharp Didactic in Jarosławiu instructs 150 students directions: - the marketing and the management - the pedagogics The economy

10 The District Jarosław The road- entry point Korczowa - Krakowiec - 34 kms from Jarosławia active around the clock - the freight traffic serves and personal - possesses the modern terminal of the veterinary briefing and health inspection The economy

11 The District Jarosław Mielec Jarosław Chełm Leżajsk Pustków Dębica Sanok Gorlice The economy SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE EURO-PARK MIELEC Works from 1996

12 The District Jarosław Advantages of the kelter in SEZ EURO - PARK Mielec THE PUBLIC HELP The maximum accessible help the Lulu of the investment 65% for small and middle firms 50% - for large firms Relaxations from the income-tax Granty from the states budget The relaxation from the land tax to 25% wholes of the investment 4000 Euroes on one new workplace The economy

13 The District Jarosław SEZ Euro - Park The Industrial Area Jarosław, works from od 14.01.2004 r. The economy

14 The District Jarosław SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE EURO-PARK MIELEC The Industrial Area Jarosław ZPD Jarlan S.A. in Jarosław – 3,39 ha CRH – The Eastern Wholesale Market S.A. in Jarosław – 0,44 ha Owens-Illinois Poland – The Glass- Works Jarosław- 1,5 ha The Agricultural Collective Farm in Wietlin III the commune of Laszki – 2,3 ha In general SEZ Euro – Park Mielec The Industrial Area Jarosław – 7,63 ha The economy

15 The District Jarosław The economy - the minimum- investment value: 100.000 Euroes - the leadership of the productive activity Conditions of investing in the Special Economic Zone EURO - PARK Mielec

16 The District Jarosław New investors in SEZ LEAR Corporation Poland The firm Lear Corporation Poland adherent to the American syndicate Lear Corporation, thanks to efforts of municipal authorities formed the factory of the car upholstery and will create 800 workplaces The economy

17 The District Jarosław New investors in SEZ The firm S&In Verpakung The firm S&In Verpakung with Schőnebeck started the Institution of the Reshaping of Wood in Wietlinie III the commune Laszki on entering grounds into the depot SEZ OF EURO - THE PARK Mielec the Industrial Area Jarosław. There will create about. 85 new workplaces The economy

18 The District Jarosław New investors in SEZ Owens - Prairie State Poland, The Glass-Works Jarosław is under of the construction of the new institution to production and the assembly of glazier automatics for the all group of producers of glass - wrappings OI Europe. She will create - 60 workplaces The economy

19 The District Jarosław Ancient monuments of the architecture The palace in Pełkinie Benedicts Abbey in Jarosław Jarosław - Tenment house Orsettich Touring attractions

20 The District Jarosław Cultural entertainments The International Review of Slav folkloristic Teams The Festival of the Former Music the Song of Our Roots. Touring attractions

21 The District Jarosław The agricultural tourism Touring attractions

22 The District Jarosław Touring attractions The chute - 80 m geysers, jacuzzi, the mushroom the water curtain, "the wild river under-water massages, The recreational Basin the Basin to the learning of the swimming the sports- Basin 25 x 12, 5 m The joint surface of the water-level 550 m Covered bath in Jarosław

23 The District Jarosław The accomodation sector hotels and accommodation establishments - 10 - the number of places - 280 - the diverse standard - the rich gastronomic offer Touring attractions

24 The District Jarosław The Department of the Promotion,Economy of the Administrative District and Protection of the Environment Tel./16/ 624-62-36, faks. /16/6246249 The contact

25 The District Jarosław Thank You for the attention Tomasz Oronowicz The Foreman of The Administrative District Jarosław

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