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Chapter 20 Section 2 World War II Begins.

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1 Chapter 20 Section 2 World War II Begins

2 Path to War How did Hitler violate the Treaty of Versailles?
How did leaders of other nations deal with Hitler violating the treaty? What are three reasons leaders in Europe wanted to reach a deal?

3 The Austrian Anschluss
What did Hitler demand not to invade German speaking Austria? What does Anschluss mean?

4 The Munich Crisis What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler claim?
What countries would come to Czechoslovakia’s aid? What was decided at the Munich Conference? What countries would have helped Czechoslovakia after the conference? What happened after the Munich Conference that made Britain and France know appeasement was not going to work?

5 Hitler Demands Danzig Where is Danzig located?
What did Britain announce in March of 1939?

6 The Nazi-Soviet Pact What was agreed between Germany and the Soviet Union? Stalin agreed to a nonaggression treaty with Germany because he believed what? What was the secret part of the deal?

7 The War Begins When and where did WWII start? What is blitzkrieg?
How long did it take the Germans to defeat the invaded country?

8 The Fall of France What were the concrete bunkers and fornications along the French and German border called? Before Germany could attack France, where did Hitler and his generals have to invade? How did the German invasion surprise the British and French and trap their armies in Belgium?

9 The Miracle at Dunkirk After being trapped by the Germans in Belgium, where was the only port remaining open for Britain and France to evacuate their surviving troops located? (City and country) How many British and French troops were saved and what is it called? What happened on June 22, 1940?

10 Britain Remains Defiant
Who replaced Neville Chamberlain as prime minister? What vow did the new prime minister make in his speech to Parliament and what was its purpose? What was the Luftwaffe? The air battle between the German Luftwaffe and the British air force that began in June 1940 and lasted into the fall of 1940 became known as what? What part of the British military saved Britain from being invaded by the Germans?

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