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7 th Grade Independent Reading Lessons Learned Marking Period 1.

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1 7 th Grade Independent Reading Lessons Learned Marking Period 1

2 Problem: Essay is mostly a re- telling or summary of the story Discussion: Assume the reader has read the book. Your task is not to re-tell what happens in the book. Your task is to answer the question(s) in the assignment. Solution: Read the essay assignment and do exactly what it asks. Do NOT re-tell the story. Any re-telling of the story must directly support your answer to the essay question(s). In other words it must be evidence to help you make a point.

3 Problem: There is no relationship between your organizers and your essays. Discussion: The purpose of your organizers is to help you organize your thoughts for the essay. Solution: Keep in mind as you read the book, what essay question you will be answering. Use the organizers to help you prepare for that essay.

4 Problem: Your essay is not an essay. Discussion: Several “essays” were simply one giant paragraph. Solution: Just as a paragraph is made up of sentences, an essay is made up of paragraphs.

5 Problem: Your essay has a middle but no beginning or end. Discussion: An essay is just like a paragraph. It needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Solution: Make sure you have an introductory paragraph designed to introduce your topic and grab the reader’s attention. Make sure you have a closing paragraph designed to summarize your main points and wrap the essay up by bringing it back to the topic.

6 Problem: Your essay never mentions the title of the book. Discussion: I did not have a format for a proper heading. My bad. Solution: For future independent reading assignments, use this heading on the first page. On all other pages, make sure your name is in the top left hand corner. Name, Section, Student # Date TitleAuthor

7 Problem: Title of book not punctuated or improperly punctuated. Discussion: The titles of novels and non- fiction books are underlined or typed in italics. Solution: If you are writing by hand, as in your organizers, underline the title. If you are typing, use italics.

8 Problem: The essay is not in the proper format. Discussion: Essays improperly formatted or packets that are incomplete may not be turned in on time, resulting in -5 homework points. Solution: The format and all other requirements are spelled out in the handout. Just do it!

9 Some Final Notes The first independent reading project was worth 1.5 tests. The second will be worth 2 tests. The final project will be worth 2.5 tests. I will grade them based on the criteria in the handout AND the lessons learned (this slideshow). If you read fiction for the first project, you must read non-fiction for the second and vice versa. You may choose either fiction or non-fiction for the final project.

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