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Introduction to Business Chapter 7 Manager as Leader

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1 Introduction to Business Chapter 7 Manager as Leader
Essential Question: What are the traits of a manager and how does he or she lead others?

2 Standards Addressed: 1.2 Business Environment (C): Students will understand the development and structure of business environments. They will demonstrate competency by identifying the dynamic components of business structure and its relationship to the global business environment. 1.2.8 Interrelationships of Business Operations–discuss the interrelationships between different business lines as they relate to finance, tax, operations, human resources, marketing, production, management, and the legal environment. 1.7 Leadership Development (C): Students will understand the personal qualities that are the basis for developing leadership skills. They will demonstrate competency by identifying and using leadership skills in a variety of individual and group work situations. 1.7.4 Motivation–demonstrate self-motivation and use motivation techniques in classroom and small group situations 1.7.5 Personal Qualities–describe personal qualities such as integrity, loyalty, honesty and self-esteem; discuss their importance in being an effective leader and team member

3 Chapter Objectives Discuss the common characteristics of a leader.
Explain the five human relation skills needed by managers. Identify four types of influence that leaders use. Describe the two main types of leadership styles.

4 The Importance of Leadership p.87
Managers are responsible for making sure that resources are used effectively; one of the most important responsibilities is managing or leading people. Characteristics of an effective leader include understanding, initiative, dependability, judgment, objectivity, confidence, stability, cooperation, honesty, courage, communications and intelligence. Developing leadership characteristics through: Education Expertise Experience

5 Human relations p. 89 self understanding. understanding others.
communications team building developing job satisfaction

6 Influencing People p.91 position. The ability to get others to accomplish tasks because of the position then leader holds. reward. Results from the leader’s ability to give or withhold reward. expert. When group members recognize that a leader has special expertise in the area identity. Stems from the personal trust and respect members have for the leader. Formal (position & reward) versus informal (expert & identity) influences

7 Pros and cons of different leadership styles. P. 92
Tactical management working with part-time or temporary employees working with employees are not motivated working under tight time pressure assigning new tasks for which the employee is not experienced. employees prefer not to be involved in the decision-making process. Strategic management working with employees who are skilled and experienced. The work is routine and there are few challenges. Employees are doing work they enjoy The manager wants to improve the group relationships. Employees are willing to take responsibility for the results of their work.

8 Pros and cons of different leadership styles. P. 92
Mixed Management Uses combination of the two styles dependent upon what is necessary to accomplish the task(s) and lead the employees.

9 Employer/employee relations p. 94
Managing labor unions Meeting business and employee goals

10 Assignments Do Now Calculate Business Data p.94 # 35 open Excel spreadsheet and calculate. Calculate Business Data p.94 # 37 open Excel spreadsheet and calculate. Workshop Discussion (Each person writes response in notebook.) Communicate Business Concepts questions p. 95 Write and present your group’s brief response.

11 Homework Define Key Terms Develop your Business Language p. 97
Answer Review your reading questions p.96

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