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Mole Problems.

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1 Mole Problems

2 Mass Mole Particles Always 6.02 x 1023 part = 1 mole Molar mass (g)
Avogadro’s # Mass Mole Particles (atoms, molecules, ions, etc) (g) (mol) Molar mass comes from the Periodic Table Always 6.02 x 1023 part = 1 mole

3 How many grams are in 2.0 moles of calcium?
So, where are you starting and finishing? Moles  Mass (need the molar mass of Ca) 2.0 mol Ca X 80.16 g Ca so it becomes 80. g Ca (2)

4 How many moles are in 25.0 grams of calcium metal?
Going from mass  moles 0.624 mol Ca This time the molar mass is on the bottom to cancel out the (g) we started with

5 How many grams of iron are present in 4.24 x 10 23 iron atoms?
Going from parts  moles  mass 39.3 g Fe

6 Compounds are no different
How many particles are in 40.0 grams of sodium chloride (58.44 g/mol)? Molar mass of NaCl 4.12 x 1023 NaCl particles

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