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Geosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

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1 Geosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere
Earths Systems Geosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

2 Dynamic Earth The earth consists of rock, air, water and living things that interact with each other These are all divided into the different parts Geosphere Atmosphere Hydrosphere Biosphere

3 The Geosphere The solid part of the Earth that consists of all rock and the soils and sediments on the surface. Most of the geosphere is located in the Earth’s interior Studying below the crust is very difficult Deepest drill was 7 miles deep mantle crust Inner core Outer core

4 The Crust This is where we live This outermost layer
The crust is made up of continents and ocean Continental is 20 – 30 mi thick Oceanic is 3 – 6 mi thick

5 The Mantle The layer found right under the crust
1800 miles thick 500° ° C Made of rocks and it is not as light as the crust but not as dense as the core Has a “liquid” layer that makes up the lava that erupts out of volcanoes

6 The Core Solid innermost layer Made of Iron and NIckel
Outer is liquid, 4000° C Inner is solid, 5500°C Made of Iron and NIckel

7 The Lithosphere Consists of the crust and upper part of the mantle
The lithosphere is divided into huge pieces called... Tectonic plates

8 The Asthenosphere This is below the lithosphere
Consists of the “plastic” part of the mantle Rock flows smoothly like melted plastic Allows plates to move

9 Plate Tectonics

10 Plate Movement Plates pull apart, squeeze together or slip past each other Major geological activity caused can be Volcano Earthquake - faults Mountains Ocean ridges

11 Volcanoes Mountain build from magma
Volcanoes are usually found at plate boundaries Can occur on land or in the ocean

12 Global Effects of geological events
Dust and chemicals from volcanoes enters atmosphere Chemicals become part of runoff Global temperature decrease Erosion – wearing down of rocks Water Wind

13 The Atmosphere Consists of a mixture of gases that surround earth
Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases Gases are constantly added and removed from the atmosphere Insulates the Earth’s surface

14 Composition of the Atmosphere
Nitrogen – 78% Oxygen – 21% Argon, carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor – 1%

15 Layers of the Atmosphere
The troposphere – closest to Earth’s surface Weather occurs here Temperature decreases as you move further into the troposphere

16 Stratosphere Above the troposphere
Temperature increases as you go further into the stratosphere This happens because the ozone absorbs the sun’s UV light and warms the air Ozone (O3) is a molecule made of 3 oxygen atoms Ozone layer limits the amount of UV light that reaches Earth

17 The Greenhouse Effect Sunlight heats the surface of the Earth
The surface radiates the heat back to the atmosphere, where some heat escapes into space The rest of the heat is absorbed by greenhouse gases which heats the air Heat then radiates back to the Earth Gasses trap the heat near Earth – greenhouse effect


19 The Hydrosphere Includes all water on or near the Earths surface

20 The Biosphere The narrow layer around Earth’s surface in which life can exist Consists of the uppermost part of the geosphere, most of the hydrosphere and the lower part of the atmosphere

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