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Welcome to Concur! Procurement & Support Services.

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1 Welcome to Concur! Procurement & Support Services

2 Book Travel – Air, Car or Hotel When booking your business travel through Concur, the traveler should click on the “Travel” tab at the top of the Concur landing page. The traveler may then choose air, hotel or car. If booking airline reservations (either online or with the Christopherson travel agent) the airfare will be charged to a central university account. When asked for payment for airfare, please choose either “State”, “Auxiliary” or “Athletics” as appropriate for the fund being used. Please have your approved travel request number and chart field string available to input during the airline reservation/purchase process. For Hotel and/or Car reservations, a personal credit card will need to be used to both secure the reservation AND to pay for the charges when either checking out of the hotel and/or returning a rental car.

3 Go to and mycoyote and enter your mycoyote password and ID on the single sign on page and then click on the Concur Icon.

4 Travel Tab on Concur Landing Page Christopherson Business Travel is the travel agency fulfilling the online requests. If you need to speak with an agent, this is where the contact information is found.

5 Click on air/rail, car rental, hotel or check flight status. Enter Departure and Arrival City and click the Search button. When you have made your choice for air, hotel or car, simply follow the prompts.

6 Trip Search– Online Booking Tool Green = in policy, allowable expense Yellow = indicates outside policy. If you choose this, you must provide additional explanation. May have to reimburse expense. Airfare will be charged to your department account. You may choose either State or Auxiliary. Make sure to have your approved Trip ID # and chart field string available at the time of booking.

7 If further information or assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact Cindy Levin, Accounts Payable at 909-537-3244. Thank you!

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