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KMAs Current Status and Activities for WIS by Dongil Lee Korea Meteorological Administration ET-WISC Oct. 11, 2005.

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1 KMAs Current Status and Activities for WIS by Dongil Lee Korea Meteorological Administration ET-WISC Oct. 11, 2005

2 Korea Meteorological Administration 2 contents 1. Background 2. K-GEO 3. Activities 4. WAMIS 5. Conclusion

3 Korea Meteorological Administration 3 1. Background There is no data utilization without data exchange same infrastructure – multi user interfaces based on user requirements There is no data utilization without data exchange same infrastructure – multi user interfaces based on user requirements Korean Government is preparing the law for national standard of weather observations KMA is a designated Koreas Secretariat for GEO WIS is the important component of GEOSS as data exchange and dissemination systems KMA needs WIS functionality to integrate national observations as National GEOSS operation center User requirement for sharing weather observation is increasing – national system for sharing weather information KMA is a member of National GRID and e-Science projects, High Performance Network project as advanced application user KMA is supporting WAMIS as WIS pilot project For the operation of Global Model, KMA needs more data

4 Korea Meteorological Administration 4 2. K-GEO - Governance National Strategic Committee for responding to GEOSS Consisting of high level officials of relevant ministries and administrations including MOST, MOCT, MOE, MOMAF and KMA Devising and assessing the Korea GEOSS strategic plan, implementation plan and R&D policy, and support the GEOSS activities Interagency Working Group on GEOSS Establishment under the National Strategic Committee Consisting of officials and experts from relevant organizations Reviewing the short- and long-term implementation results and taking the improved measures The Republic of Koreas Secretariat for GEO Play a role of contact point with the GEO Secretariat Carry out the administrative and technical business K-GEO

5 Korea Meteorological Administration 5 Development and Implementation of the Korea Integrated Earth Observation System Establish a National GEOSS Operation Center to exchange and integrate the internal and external data and information, based on high performance computing and technologies Establish Data Archive Centers, Data Assembly Centers and Modeling Centers in accordance with fields, as necessary Set up Interoperability, Standards and Protocols as observational infrastructure K-GEO

6 Korea Meteorological Administration 6 InternalExternal Koreas Organization Chart for responding to GEOSS Weather ArchiveCenters Data Assembly Centers ModelingCenters National Strategic Committee for responding to GEOSS Interagency Working Group on GEOSS National Data Archive Center GEO Secretariat International GEOSS Data Centers GEO Members Ocean Space Energy Resources Ecosystem /Biodiversity Health/Medical Services Climate Disasters Water Resources National Geospatial Information Agriculture Forestry Observing Sectors National GEOSS Operation Center The Republic of Koreas Secretariat for GEO ParticipatingAgenciesParticipatingAgencies MOSTMOST MOCIEMOCIE MOMAFMOMAF MOCTMOCT MAFMAF MOEMOE KMAKMA NEMANEMA RDARDA KFSKFS …… MOHWMOHW K-GEO

7 Korea Meteorological Administration 7 Data Exchange and Dissemination Component GRID, e-Science GRID, e-Science High performance computing High performance computing High performance communicati on High performance communicati on Virtual Centers with GEOSS operational center Virtual Centers with GEOSS operational center KOREA(Busan) Hon g Kon g China (Beijing) Russia (Novosibirsk) Amsterdam Moscow US Canada (planned) Chicago EU US NYC 10G K-GEO

8 Korea Meteorological Administration 8 3. Activities Participating in RAII & V VPN Pilot project Cooperation with DWD for V-GISC Historical data rescue project Developing Digital Web Service and FAS based on WEB Pilot project for Grid Data Service WAMIS development Infrastructure Project : Communication System Replacement(COMIS;2006)

9 Korea Meteorological Administration 9 3-1.Historical data rescue project Multi Year Project Electronic form for Weather Analysis Charts (Done) Digitalization of old observation data (paper) – precipitation and surface temperature (on going) including satellite data and observation environment For satellite data, meta data catalog is included Now Simple XML metadata, Future Repository with interface USD 10M with 1,000 persons in this year

10 Korea Meteorological Administration 10 3-1. Satellite Meta Data

11 Korea Meteorological Administration 11 3-2. Digital Weather Forecast System Original Grid DataModified by MOS Graphic Edit Module

12 Korea Meteorological Administration 12 3-2. DFS – Web

13 Korea Meteorological Administration 13 3-2. DFS – UDM ( User Display Module )

14 Korea Meteorological Administration 14 Models GRIB File DBM S File Naming Rule & Configuration Meta Catalog UI (Web & API) Client s Web Page Search Tree Search File Search Others Admi n Remote sites Secure Authentication Search Robot Search Engine Generating File Naming Rule Type Setting for Search Target User Manag. Statistics Manag. 3-3. Grid Data Service - Configuration

15 Korea Meteorological Administration 15 GribData File Search Agent Meta Catalog DB Decoder Xml Pear lib Web Search Engine Xpath GrADS Viewer 3-3. Grid Data Service – work flow

16 Korea Meteorological Administration 16 4. WAMIS as a Web Portal Overview - Dedicated WMO Web server for AgroMeteorology in WMO - Three sites including two mirrors: USDA(USA)/KMA(Korea)/BMC(Italy) - Demonstration of sharing Bulletins among member countries - Cyber tutorials are available, with continued development Status (Issues) - Diverse languages are being used - Large gaps among countries in contents and technologies employed - Rare standard format or style between bulletins from different members - Poor user-friendly interfaces - No request/reply functions - Limited information & materials available - No archival in DBMS Requirements - Extended elements, types, resolutions in time & space - Successful case studies & pilot projects - Cyber tutorials on applications - Technical support on IT, tools, models, etc. - Computer resources for DB, model operation - Training/Education on advanced technologies - Better communication frameworks WAMIS

17 Korea Meteorological Administration 17 Implementation Strategy of WAMIS as a GRID Portal WAMIS

18 Korea Meteorological Administration 18 Implementation Strategy of WAMIS as a GRID Portal WAMIS

19 Korea Meteorological Administration 19 Implementation Strategy of WAMIS as a GRID Portal WAMIS

20 Korea Meteorological Administration 20 WAMIS – Service architecture Application Service - Web service : Interactive user configuration on domain, applications - Grid service : Authorization/authentication, Brokers, Grid portal,.. Metadata Service - Ontology broker : WMO Metadata Core Profile – extended with key words - Semantic Web : Protege3.0 based Ontology development (RDF/OWL) Replica Service - Catalogue : Globus with legacy catalogue (THREDDS) - Data Grid : Interface with legacy data servers ( GDS, LAS, …) Resource Service - Model server : AgroMeteorological Models, NWP models - Tool server : GIS, Graphic tools, Statistics, DBMSs - Computational Grid : Globus, Unicore Publishing Service - GIS : Map display, spatial analysis, Web interface - Graphics : NCAR graphics, GrADS, - Interface : Web interface with feedback - AccessGrid : Partial supplement for members available WAMIS

21 Korea Meteorological Administration 21 WAMIS - Prototype of Ontology using extended Keywords for AgroMeteorology illustrated on Protege3.0 WAMIS

22 Korea Meteorological Administration 22 CAgM Data Management Hierarchy of weather elementsRDF/OWL presentation WAMIS

23 Korea Meteorological Administration 23 CAgM Data Management Prototypes of Extended WMO Metadata Core Profile Keywords WAMIS

24 Korea Meteorological Administration 24 WAMIS – Implementation Plan Oct. 2005: Grid Testbed with MM5.mpp, AMBER on WindowsXP server, GridSphere for Grid Portal, etc. are ready Dec. 2005 : Prototype of forecast-based AMBER under Globus environment with (Web) interface for legacy servers and tools June 2006 : Prototype of Interactive WAMIS Grid Portal with Grid Service, Semantic web service implemented Oct. 2006 : Demonstration of WAMIS Grid Portal at semi-operational level Oct. 2007 : Open to member countries with WIS standards WAMIS

25 Korea Meteorological Administration 25 COMIS WAMIS NSSWI & Grid Data Service (F)WIS GEOSS WMO GEO ANF, APAN, Gossip, GGF High performance Network( GLORIAD, KOREN, KREONET, TEIN, APII) High Performance Computing ( KMA, KISTI, METGRID ) EARTH SYSTEM MODELING MIDDLEWARE (GRID, e-Science ) Weather -> Earth System Domestic International K-GEO Operation Center - Data Center - Modeling Center APCC TIGGE METGRID K-GEO Users Stakeholders 5.Conclusion : Integration Plan of KMAs Projects

26 Thank you!

27 Korea Meteorological Administration 27

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