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Government Foundations Corporations Donations Fundraising.

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2 Government Foundations Corporations Donations Fundraising



5 Strategy – start with the desired result then develop procedures that will ensure a profitable finished product. Desired Result is defined as: meeting or exceeding Contract Compliance or by increasing General Fund revenue.

6 Grant Research ( $, In-kind, special requirements) Grant Funding Application Process (Deadline) Award Process Implementation Process Monitoring & Amendments Reimbursement Audit & Record Retention

7 Monitor and track Document Flow and Retention - Become proficient in paper trail management Liaison for Funder and Nonprofit - Most Funders appreciate One Stop Shopping when auditing or reviewing project progress as well as immediate response communication.

8 Board of Directors - Active / Passive - Liability - List (Home/Business Address; Phone No., Experience) IRS Board Governance Compliance - Comparability Data for Compensation - Family Relationship / Business Relationship - Conflict of Interest Policy - Financial Policy & Procedures - Review of Form 990

9 Organization History Organization Chart Bylaws Articles of Incorporation 501c3 Determination Letter Licenses (other credentials) Resumes (staff and experience vita for Board) Mission Statement Activities / Programs / Services

10 RFP – Request for Funding NOFA – Notice of Funding Availability ITN – Invitation to Negotiate Discretionary Grant or Competitive Grant Formula Grant BID RFP – Bid request for a proposal Foundation Grant

11 What is the Funding Source Primary focus Writing Styles - NARRATIVE - GOALS & OBJECTIVES Statement of Need Goal Program Description Measurable Objective Agency Capability Strategy Sustainability Timeline Evaluation





16 Personnel (salaries & Fringe Benefits) Equipment Program Supplies (workbooks, art supplies) Supplies (copy paper, pencils, etc.) Operational Costs (insurance, rent, etc.) Workshops Consultants



19 Letters of Support - Service Agencies - For Profit Companies - Government Memorandum of Understanding - Scope of Services per Agency

20 Outside Evaluators (Universities, Companies) Qualitative – Performance Reports on Quality of Programs Quantitative – Financial Reports on how $s spent

21 SINGLE AUDIT – If receive Federal Funds or Funder requests based on $ expended. - Single audit means an audit which includes both the entity's financial statements and the Federal awards as described (OMB A-133) - Feds require if expend over $500,000/yr - > $5K/yr? Still need to keep records for review or audit by Federal agency, pass-through entity, and General Accounting Office (GAO)

22 IRS requires 3 years for all of the Organizations documents Federal Grants require between 3 to 5 years Some funders may require up to 7 years


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