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Reg Brown. Engagement Design Implementation Meshing.

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1 Reg Brown


3 Engagement Design Implementation Meshing

4 Purpose of the organization Culture of the organization

5 Purpose of the organization Culture of the organization History of Learning & Development Common ground & differences Does the organization itself understand what is being engaged with/embarked on?

6 Continuous communications, covering… How will individuals gain from participation in the programme? How will the organization gain from supporting the programme? How will immediate colleagues of participants gain from the programme? How will all of these benefits manifest themselves?

7 What will be involved for the participants?

8 How will this affect those around them? What support are they likely to need? Advocacy/mentoring options. Preparedness - have an influential element involved and ensure you have direct access to it.

9 Full involvement in the design Assist the Employer in understanding the academic requirements Criteria for selection on to the programme Metrics for programme success established and measured without duplicity of effort Full understanding of roles and responsibilities between HEI and Employer

10 Share the design of - and participate in - the communication exercise Ensure all parties are contracted to and fully understand the agreements WBL allows for loose content Focus the design on processes as much as – or more than – the content

11 Prepare the key elements of…. Common understanding Process design, including etiquette Engagement/communication exercise… ….and on-going engagement Allow time to build the keel and hull before launching the ship

12 Links back to understanding the organization Capability of delivery resource Greatest aspect of support between Middx and RM was the VLE and superb learning resources Difficulty was getting managers to be comfortable with using that support through a sharing group

13 Work to a realistic timetable Ensure proper preparations take place Be a true partner and understand who you are working with Ensure you have DIRECT access to those who are engaged and have influence







20 Engagement Design Implementation Meshing



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