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SUSTAINABLE ICT – AN OVERVIEW British Computer Society 14 th November Professor Peter James

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1 SUSTAINABLE ICT – AN OVERVIEW British Computer Society 14 th November Professor Peter James

2 ICT BENEFITS – SMART 2020 Environmental - Cut global CO2 emissions in 2020 by 15%, with $946 billion of cost savings - Avoid c 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions through applications for every tonne created by production, use & disposal of equipment Social - e.g. access; overcoming disability

3 ENERGY & CARBON FOOTPRINT Downloadable tool – Default assumptions … or your own data University of Sheffield - 19% of non-domestic electricity - £1 million + bills in PCs higher than expected - Data centres/networks lower than expected

4 FOOTPRINTING RESULTS University of Sheffield University of Sheffield (ex HPC) Lowestoft College City College Norwich Total Electricity (kWh) 8,680,806 (100%)7,472,188 (100%)453,714 (100%) 1,241,700 (100%) PCs and monitors 4,164,477 (48%)4,164,477 (56%)197,402 (44%)510,896 (41%) Servers1,520,736 (18%)1,520,736 (20%)135,999 (30%)226,665 (18%) HPC1,208,617 (14%)000 Imaging835,659 (10%)835,659 (11%)42,171 (9%)236,901 (19%) Networks687,362 (8%)687,362 (9%)68,538 (15%)156,629 (13%) AV 61,598 (1%) 7,482 (2%)89,936 (7%) Telephony202,356 (2%)202,536 (3%)2,122 (<1%)12,790 (1%)

5 FHE - A LARGE ICT FOOTPRINT 2% of global CO2 emissions ICT in UK HE - 760,000 PCs - 215,000 servers - 147,000 networked printers - 512,000 Mwh of electricity - 275,000 tonnes of CO2 - over £60 million in 2009

6 325,000 Coal-Powered Computers

7 EQUIPMENT LIFE CYCLE Materials Manufacture Transport Use Disposal

8 KEY LIFE CYCLE QUESTIONS Can we ever get a complete picture? - HP 1.5 million tonnes CO2 eq direct million tonnes from Tier 1 suppliers What balance of impacts across the life cycle? e.g. production:use energy - Williams/UN University 4:1 - EU Commission study 1:4 How can we influence upstream impacts?


10 POTENTIAL MEASURES BY IT? Specifying lower power equipment Automatic powerdown of networked devices Extending longevity Modifying data centre layout Increasing computer CPU utilisation Virtualisation Minimising storage Thin client in specialised applications Short TermMedium Term

11 CROSS-FUNCTIONAL MEASURES Awareness campaigns Powerdown of non networked devices Upgrading data centre power supply arrangements Increasing use of videoconferencing Maximum use of thin client where effective Free cooling of data centres Effective document and print management Short TermMedium Term

12 CARDIFF UNIVERSITY Low power servers Chilled water cooling Efficient layout Efficient UPS 30% support overhead

13 LONG TERM CHANGES Less energy and material intensive desktops - cloud computing; medium client - e-readers and total content Zero carbon data centres Pay as you go computing Intelligent campus - from computer to building maintenance?

14 REMOTE COMPUTING Direct outsourcing - Leeds Met using Google for student and word processing (Google Apps) Collaborative outsourcing - London MAN for backup Managed service (e.g. accounting; payroll) Common data centres - YHMAN Derby/Salford/Sheffield Hallam - economies of scale/scope - greater location flexibility - expert suppliers

15 15 AVE MARIA UNIVERSITY Intrusion Detection Fire Alarm System Power System Elevator Mgmt. Lighting Controls HVAC Control Evacuation Management Security Users Building Maintenance Users Access Control (security system) Campus Security

16 QUEEN MARGARET UNIVERSITY Wanted greenest building in UK PCs main barrier 98% thin client 25-30% space savings

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