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Tony Cook STARlite: Life after funding.

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1 Tony Cook STARlite: Life after funding

2 STAR 2003-2007

3 The STAR Project (Student Transition and Retention) Consortium of –University of Ulster –University of Manchester –University of Brighton –University of Sunderland –Liverpool Hope University Identify and disseminate good practice in managing student transition

4 Deliverables A clear set of objectives …. that will promote realistic student expectations and foster social and academic integration of students. A set of case studies documenting examples of good practice A web site where the case studies and other information will be available. A cadre of academic staff with the necessary experience and expertise to continue to disseminate good practice. A set of working examples in which evaluated institutional practices will be published as a book

5 Delivered Objectives Case Studies Website Cadre Book Guidelines Booklet 49 case studies in 12 booklets Over 50 in 17 institutions 3 books

6 Dissemination 10 Booklets Books web

7 Books Davies, M., Cook, A. and Rushton, BS (2007) How to get your kids through University- Accent Press Cook, A. and Rushton, BS. (2008) Student Transition: Practices and Policies to Promote Retention SEDA paper no 121. Cook, A. and Rushton, R. (2009) How to Recruit and Retain Higher Education Students: a handbook of good practice. Routledge

8 Conclusion –Important that key staff remained engaged –New messages developed Initially research based ( ROOTS OF ATTRITION ) Moved to a staff development message –AUDIT – ITS NOT THEIR FAULT –Message is in demand –Dissemination focus Web cheap- hosted by university Talks funded by hosts Books – extension of personal scholarship

9 Live on for a while Cannot live on much longer –Information is getting dated –Academic staff develop –New groups occupy the space Publications are permanent –Educational ground hog day Problems remain the same All information freely available at STAR website

10 And finally Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." –Isaac Asimov Of course there's a lot of knowledge in Universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the graduates don't take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates –Lawrence Lowell

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