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PhD Researcher: Sustainable Buildings: Sustainable Behaviour?

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1 PhD Researcher: Sustainable Buildings: Sustainable Behaviour?

2 Eco-construction trumps a teaching tool to aid understanding of the environmental impact of construction materials

3 Carbon Emissions UK Construction

4 Buildings = 360 mt CO 2 pa CarbonTrust 2008 Carbon Emissions UK Construction

5 Carbon Emissions UK Construction 84% - Operational Emissions 16% - Manufacture, Transportation & Construction of Materials

6 Construction Waste UK 420 million tonnes of materials per year 120 million tonnes is waste 35 million tonnes goes to landfill 20 million tonnes are unused materials WRAP 2007

7 The Waste Hierarchy CO 2 can be reduced by up to 30% through the careful selection of materials alone.


9 Eco-Construction Trumps Enables processing of complex sets of data Brings together data from disparate sources Encourages interaction and discussion Visual and tangible presentation of data Simple, easy to use and fun learning Encourages sustainable thinking






15 Positive Feedback


17 Eco-Construction Trumps are a useful and fun tool to engage with a subject that is complex to some, and unknown to others. MARK PATERSON: TERTIARY EDUCATION CO-ORDINATOR, EDEN PROJECT, CORNWALL.

18 Critical Feedback Non-traditional teaching method in H.E. Too simplistic Updatability Too generic Reliability & validity of data Conflicting sources of data

19 Future Development New data More materials Eco-Buildings Single materials On-line version

20 Spiegel, R. & Meadows, D., 2006 2 nd ed. Green Building Materials – A Guide to Product Selection and Specification. New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons. Addis, B., 2006. Building with Reclaimed Components and Materials. A Design Handbook for Reuse and Recycling. London: Earthscan. Dennison, J. & Halligen, C., 2008. Building Materials and the Environment. Stephen George & Partners. London. Berge, B., 2009 2 nd ed. The Ecology of Building Materials. Oxford: Architectural Press. Anderson, J. & Shiers, D., 2009 4 th ed. The Green Guide to Specification. London: Wiley-Blackwell. Hammond, G. & Jones, C. 2008. Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE) v.1.6a. University of bath. UK. Greenspec. 2008/9. Materials Guides. Available at guides.php Key References

21 Thank you for your attention! Any Questions? John Clarke

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