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Student Journeys: Valuing the HEAR Sheffield Students Union and the HEAR.

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1 Student Journeys: Valuing the HEAR Sheffield Students Union and the HEAR

2 Kathryne Fraser: Activities and Sports Manager, Sheffield Students Union Tom Dixon: Activities Officer Megan Howlett: HEAR Project Assistant (based in Students Union Activities Department)

3 1.Sheffield University Context (Kathryne Fraser) 2. Student Consultation (Tom Dixon) 3. Implementation (Megan Howlett)

4 1. Sheffield University Context

5 Extra-curricular Opportunities 70% participation in activities, volunteering & sport 17% in Leadership Roles 320 sports clubs & societies Volunteering and Fundraising Give it a Go Activities Programme Student Media Activities and Leadership Programme in Halls Course Representatives and governance

6 NUS Deepening Participation Commission Report 2012 ….Assessing the results of question 23 in the National Student Survey, …the students unions who have appeared near the top of the satisfaction list are excellent at….. providing a breadth of activities which encourage engagement and belonging.

7 Value of HEAR 6.1 Employability & HEAR 6.1 Accessing opportunities Role of Personal Tutors

8 Perfect Timing: Extensive extra- curricular programme Recognition/employabilit y skills – student demand University & Union collaboration

9 2. Student Consultation

10 Institutional Protocol (extract) Institutional Aims for Section 6.1 Section 6.1 of the HEAR includes factually-based, non-evaluative details of extra-curricular student activities or achievements that the University is in a position to verify. The University aims to give recognition to additional student activities which broaden intellectual, civic, socio-cultural or international understanding, activities which demonstrate responsibility, leadership, excellence or innovation, and activities which contribute to the University community. Inclusion Criteria for Section 6.1 In order to be eligible for inclusion in Section 6.1, an activity or achievement must fulfil all of the following criteria (this list represents a selection of the full criteria): 1. Correspond to one of the three categories identified in the official HEAR Guidance, namely: Additional Awards (accredited performance outside the academic curriculum); Additional Recognised Activities (unaccredited activities which represent achievement and/or learning); University, Professional and Departmental Prizes (both academic and non-academic). 2. Be institutionally verifiable before students have completed their academic programme. 3. Not be a direct part of the academic curriculum. 4. Be open to all students at the University or all students within a specific academic cohort, with the exception of certain representative roles which may be restricted to ensure democratic representation of the student population as a whole.

11 Challenges: Identifying Achievements Robust quality controls

12 Student Feedback: 6.1 to be earned Extensive commitments Retain independence Employability

13 Summary: Verifying leadership & significant achievement/ commitment Incorporated employability competencies

14 3. Implementation

15 Students Union HEAR 6.1 Verifiable Activities Societies and Committees Society Committee Positions Working Committee Positions Representative Committee Positions Activities Awards Forge Media Forge Press Committee Forge Radio Committee Forge TV Committee Forge Today Committee Forge Press Editorial Team Fundraising RAG Committee Positions Bummit Committee Positions RAG Reps Bummit Volunteers The Student Communities Endcliffe, Ranmoor and City Community Development Committee Positions Club Sport Club Sport Committee Positions Sports Awards Sheffield Volunteering Sheffield Volunteering Committee Positions Volunteering Committee Ambassadors Project Leaders Project Volunteers Sports Ambassadors Schools Volunteers Volunteering Awards Representation and Democracy Academic Representative Union Councillor Senate Representative Students Union Officer Academic Awards Students Union Positions Student Marketing Brand Ambassadors Coffee Revolution Student Group Liaisons Extra-Curricular Modules and Awards Give it a Go Professional Qualification Courses Give it a Go Language Courses

16 Example Contextualising Statement: President of a Society Committee (to be accompanied by a description of their society) The President has overall responsibility for the society and should lead the society committee in its decision-making. S/he should ensure that all other committee members are fulfilling their roles effectively by motivating them, delegating tasks and providing advice and support where necessary. S/he should act as a spokesperson of the society and as a link between the society and Students' Union staff.

17 This is such a great initiative! Its more important than ever for students to show skills rather than just marks. Comment on Twitter, February 2012. This is a progressive step at a time when there has never been such fierce competition amongst graduates. Forge Press (student newspaper), November 2012.

18 6.1 Workshop this afternoon with Helen Tattam, Kathryne Fraser and Megan Howlett Thank you for listening.

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