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Leadership & Vision Robin Middlehurst University of Surrey & Leadership Foundation.

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1 Leadership & Vision Robin Middlehurst University of Surrey & Leadership Foundation

2 Outline Your context Wider context for HE Leadership and Vision – do they matter? Leadership & vision – meaning, purpose, links Your role as leaders: leadership in action

3 Your context (1): leadership challenges Academic challenges: –Renewing & changing curricula –Differentiating programmes –Setting academic & quality standards –New directions for research –External liaison & partnership building –… Managerial challenges: –Acquiring resources –Internal re-structuring –Engaging colleagues with vision & strategy –Setting performance standards –Leading internal change –….

4 Your context (2): leadership challenges Political skills Decision-making skills Intellect Influencing skills People-management & relationship skills Analysis & problem-solving skills Negotiation skills Communication skills Change management skills Business & commercial skills Personal integrity & flexibility Results-oriented

5 Long-term trends: UK HE Rapid demographic change –est. 10million growth 2004-2054 + ageing UK population Global economic integration –massive shift in balance of world economic power forecast (Brazil, Russia, India, China to overtake G6 by 2040) Faster innovation & technological change –UK needs to improve skills, stimulate innovation & foster enterprise (Porter) Pressure on resources & global climate –US & EU = 10% of world population, 38% of CO 2 emissions Global uncertainty –Poverty, environmental degradation & despair are destroyers of people, societies, nations… (Powell)

6 Do leadership & vision matter?





11 Research evidence Leaders affect…. – financial indicators of performance –organizations interpersonal climate –satisfaction & mental well-being of those they lead Poor leaders… – can drive skilled & motivated people out People believe –that leaders have control, influence events –but leaders actions only explain 10% of performance differences… Best leaders –Take charge, but have appropriate humility… (Pfeffer & Sutton, 2006)

12 What is leadership? What is vision? How are they linked?

13 Leadership is…... The management of attention creating a compelling vision The management of meaning communicating a vision to produce action The management of trust which demands consistency The management of self which requires self understanding, resilience and persistence Bennis, 1994 (Bennis)

14 VIM Leadership Vision –Creating meaning through imagery – Seeding ideas and testing them – Sculpting the skills Inspiration –Building trust – Engaging and uniting – Repeating and reinforcing Momentum –Encouraging initiative – Galvanising Progress – Clearing the way Landsberg, 2000 (Landsberger)

15 Defining leadership Managers are people who do things right; leaders are people who do the right things. Only when the two converge is an ambitious change agenda realisable. Leadership is an activity that seeks to alter the consciousness and/or behaviour of a group or another individual; if successful, it results in those being led moving from one position to another, spatially, intellectually, emotionally, etc. Leadership is an exercise in deliberate, planned discontinuity. Alan Gilbert, President, Univ. of Manchester

16 What is Vision? A graphic image of the future to clarify goals A means of engaging people with an agenda A way of signalling direction of travel A means of achieving focus & communicating strategic intent A means of encapsulating what is important or significant A way of capturing purpose and values ….

17 Is vision enough? V ision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare (adapted from Japanese proverb)

18 Your leadership roles – Leadership in action

19 Credibility

20 Why should I follow you? Motives if I dont trust your motives, nothing else matters Values I want to be led, if at all, only by a person of principle, not someone driven by expediency after David Maister

21 Why should I follow you? Competence What is your track record of coming up with new ways of doing things? Style I will not accept your guidance and critique unless you are supportive and encouraging - on the other hand you will also need to be continually demanding and stretching me after David Maister

22 Credibility dimensions Using depth & breadth of knowledge, experience & achievements to operate as a major decision-making force Gaining attention, support & backing of peers through ability to command respect Prominence in peer group through force of personality Reputation as a dependable colleague

23 Capability

24 Capability dimensions Seeing the future Decision-making Planning the way ahead Managing implementation Optimising team effectiveness Creating organisational influence Azure

25 Character

26 Character Dimensions

27 Career Tactics

28 Managing the politics of organisational life constructively to advance relevant agendas Gauging the organisational mood shrewdly in the timing of interventions Maximising personal effort & time through managing the art of the possible Shifting tactics to meet stakeholder requirements Retaining composure & managing emotions

29 A leader is best When people barely know he exists. Not so good when people obey and acclaim him. Worst when they despise him. Fail to honour people and they fail to honour you; But of a good leader, who talks little, When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, They will all say, We did this ourselves. (Lao Tzu, 6 th century BC)

30 Creating the freedom to lead

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