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Implementing a framework for employability Dr Paul Redmond.

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1 Implementing a framework for employability Dr Paul Redmond

2 Graduate job markets 1.Post-Crunch transformation of markets; 2. Digital Taylorism – impact on white-collar jobs; 3.War for Talent – its all about talent ; 4.Recruitment via Internship – strategic re- positioning of experiences; 5.Positional capital assuming greater importance to hiring decisions.

3 Students 1.63,000,000 / 2,400,000 / 400,000 / 18,000. 2.Diverse and complex: no longer homogenous group; 3.The Good Life – aspirations diverging from market realities; 4.Career as self-actualisation 5.Different approaches to career process: Active Agents, Window Shoppers, Career Virgins, Fair Dodgers.

4 Class of 2010: aspirations 1.Media15.2% 2.Teaching14.0% 3.Marketing13.9% 4.Charity / Voluntary work11.3% 5.Consulting10.6% 6.R&D10.3% 7.Accountancy10.3% 8.Investment banking10.1% 9.Law9.5% 10.Engineering7.6% The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, 2010-11, p.42

5 University of Liverpool 1.Positioning: Research-intensive, Russell Group university; 2.China campus – growing numbers of International Students; 3.Largest recruiters – NHS, public sector, leading graduate recruiters; 4.Positioned in Top 20 most targeted lists, but increasing focus on S&ME sector recruiters; 5.First Employability Strategy launched in 2007-8.

6 Reflections 1.Institutional context takes priority (one size never fits all); 2.Employability isnt absolute but relative ; 3.Exists on three levels – curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular. 4.Informed by LMI. 5.Start with the squeegee men.

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