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Bradford College Research Programme - Overview 2010.

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1 Bradford College Research Programme - Overview 2010

2 Bradford College 20k+ students Wide range of provision FE - HE Progression

3 Definitions We use the RAE definitions of research and scholarly activity. Scholarly activity fits better for us in terms of the areas we investigate which are primarily focused on teaching and learning.

4 The Research Programme Approach Inject sense of focus & urgency Identify & isolate resources Clear responsibilities Clear costings Clear timeframe Linkages across projects

5 Funding structure £3,500 @ £50p/h = 70hrs 16 projects Allocated in line with delivery of outputs

6 Action research main methodology Encourages practitioner reflection Low disruption on timetabling High impact on practice Cyclical in nature

7 Research Infrastructure Support & Resources Funding support Ethical aspects

8 Key resources to support research Project support Research Support Librarians Funds

9 Externally Funded Projects Pathfinder – HEA SPaCE-FD – JISC Nintendo Wii Digital Creativity Lab

10 Definition A VRE helps researchers in all disciplines manage the increasingly complex range of tasks involved in carrying out research JISC 2005

11 Virtual Research Environment Teaching observation* Learner observation Ethical aspects of collaboration *Refs. Swinglehurst, Russel and Greenhalgh 2007 Bennet and Barp 2008

12 2008 – 2009 Research Projects 12 reported at conference forming the research cohort: Examples: e-assessment & Feedback formative or futile? E-portfolios honed in on actual needs

13 BAR Conference 2009


15 Benefits of Research Projects Informing better teaching Staff development – competency & skills Making connections across and beyond disciplines

16 2009 – 2010 Research Projects Challenge of funding Conference (cancelled) Taking the agenda further Forming the research cohort

17 Staff Development Support during the research Develop individuals through doing research Putting it into practice Completing the cycle

18 Overall Experience Evaluation of the programme Project manage but allow experiments Reflect regularly but keep momentum Lessons Learned – listen to the researchers

19 All about people

20 Questions and Comments Ronan OBeirne M.Ed. FCLIP Assistant Director for Learning Development and Research Blog:

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