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Disseminating your Scholarship Becky Turner

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1 Disseminating your Scholarship Becky Turner

2 Overview Purpose of dissemination Questions to ask yourself Forms of dissemination Julie Osborn (City of Bristol College) Identifying dissemination opportunities

3 Why disseminate…? Share your scholarship with wider community Builds your reputation Meet likeminded people Gain a broader perspective Enjoyable…rewarding… Integral aspect of the research process

4 Questions to ask yourself What dissemination opportunities are you familiar with? –Would they be relevant to your work? What dissemination would you feel comfortable in doing? –Eroding peer boundaries What level of detail do you want to go into? –Snapshot vs. Detailed discussion

5 Questions to ask yourself What do you have time to do –Dont overcommit yourself! What do you need to do for your funding? –Expectations –Experience

6 Forms of dissemination… What forms of dissemination are you aware of? What dissemination have you undertaken? What were your experiences?

7 WrittenOralElectronic Press ReleasePresentationsWebsites Conference PapersMeetingsDVDs College Magazines/Publications WorkshopsPodcasts Trade MagazinePostersTwitter Professional PublicationBlogs ReportsRepositories Journal Papers Book Chapters Posters

8 Planning dissemination –Plan from the beginning of your project, when you submit a proposal –Audience –What form should your dissemination take? Oral, written…other? –What is appropriate for your research? Scale of dissemination

9 Julie Osborne City of Bristol College


11 Conferences What do others in your field do? –Ask your colleagues, supervisors etc. What are the main opportunities in your area –Specialist vs. Generalist events –Big vs. Small What are the key times when conferences occur? –Annual, bi-annual – regular timeframes

12 Conferences What is available with your college/partner HEI? –Teaching & Learning Conferences –Staff development events What is available within your area? –Higher Education Academy Subject Centres –JISC Regional Support Centres –LSRN / AoC

13 Forthcoming Conferences SW LSRN Conference 8th July, Buckfast Abby, Totness LSRN National Conf, Call for abstracts forthcoming SRHE New Researchers Conference –Abstract deadline July 2010, Conference, December 2010 MEDEV – Rolling call for workshop proposals –Funding to support workshop: £500 SWAP – Seminar proposals related to T&L –Funding to support workshops £500 BERA –Annual call for abstracts Jan; Conference Sept 2010.

14 Written Dissemination What publications do you read / relevant to your research? What opportunities are out there? Newsletters (College / HEI) Posters (information / conference) Magazines Professional publications Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

15 Recommendations Consider co-authorship… Key message you want to convey/focus of the article Draw on relevant/recent literature Read carefully instructions for authors –Adhere to word count –Adhere to referencing styles Build your reference list as you go along Critical friends, use them especially if they are honest and pedantic

16 Places to Start Subject Centre publications / newsletters –HE in FE Briefing - monthly –ESCalate newsletter 800 to 1,000 word articles and Hot Topics! –HLST LINK – research in progress/reports –ADM – range of submissions and even pay T&L research journals (supportive) –Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education –Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

17 Making the most of limited time… You will need to make time, but dont feel guilty –Dont think you need piles of paper to write –Snatch time –Spend a few moments writing down your train of thought – easier to pick up the next time

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