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ACC Professional Standards Committee Report 2006.

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1 ACC Professional Standards Committee Report 2006

2 Past activity 03/04 Committee met May 2003 and November 2003 Topics identified were FISH in Oncology and workload activity data collection Data collection for 01/02 and 02/03 delivered December 2003; FISH workshop in London 2003. Guidelines published Feb 2004

3 Past Activity 04/05 Committee met three times over 04-05 April 2004 joint ACC/CMGS workshop in Guys on QF-PCR guidelines for rapid prenatal testing. Ratified March 2005. Workshop in Sheffield in November 2004 to discuss revision of 2001 guidelines Haemato-oncology workshop in Cardiff Feb 2005; resulted in questionnaire based approach to progress

4 Past Activity 05/06 Publication of guidelines for running workshops 2005 March 2005 workshop on guidelines for prenatal diagnosis Bristol Workload activity data collected for 03/04 and disseminated 2005 ( on-line approach) A draft of the revised 2001 guidelines sent out to HoDs in Oct 2005; six revisions before presentation to council in Sept 2006

5 Current Activity 06/07 PSC met three times in 2006 CVS guidelines produced as adjunct to Bristol workshop Postnatal workshop in Cambridge has resulted in draft currently under consideration by PSC Final drafts of revised general and haemato-oncology guidelines produced.

6 Current Activity 06/07 Revised guidelines, CVS and Haemato- oncology presented to Council for ratification September 2006. Minor details to be amended on all before ratification; need final draft of postnatal to be agreed for consistency with general guidelines September 2006 workload activity collection for 04/05 and 05/06 instigated.

7 Best Practice: what and why? The standardisation of methodology and reporting within a laboratory network Evidence-based to ensure best methods within available resources Ensures consistency and compatibility of results Results have same significance no matter which lab has analysed the sample

8 Best Practice: how? Workshops following questionnaire approach have worked well in some circumstances, not others Revision following professional comment can be long-winded process All received comments are considered; feedback to individuals difficult with time restraints

9 Future of PSC Revised guidelines to be published before end of 2006 which will cross-reference to: Specific prenatal, postnatal and haemato- oncology best practice guidelines to be published before end of 2006 in same format and with document control system Haematology disease specific areas and smaller specialties to be developed

10 Future of PSC Review guidelines on annual basis with document control Develop further guidelines for specialties As directed by council, instigate UK audit of specifics such as the prenatal outcome audit to provide evidence for standards?

11 THANKS! To all who have contributed throughout the profession To members of the committee: Zoe Docherty Ros Hastings Rod Howell Fiona Ross Sarah Ryley

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