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Bradford VTS Practice Managers meeting Whats new in November 08?

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1 Bradford VTS Practice Managers meeting Whats new in November 08?

2 Session plan Presentation - whats new in 2008? Coffee/tea at about 11 am Group work on scenarios involving trainee employment issues Lunch at about 12.30

3 Why be a training practice? (a reminder) Helps with recruitment of GPs Trainers educational skills useful for the practice Improves trainers morale and makes burnout less likely Keeps all doctors in touch with new developments Financial benefit = trainees salary paid, trainers grant Kudos of being a training practice Stimulus to maintain clinical standards and standards of record keeping Deanery may support improvement to premises

4 Changing organisation and terminology Bradford VTS now Bradford Specialist Training Scheme for GP GP registrars are now GP trainees (again) but abbrev to GPSTr (GP specialist trainee) Years of training are ST1, ST2 and ST3 Course Organisers are now Training Programme Directors Yorkshire and Humber Deanery now includes old Yorks Deanery and the old S Yorks and Humber Deanery, but has 3 divisions (were W Yorks) GP training recruitment now organised on national system - seems to send good trainees to Bfd!

5 nMRCGP - new in 07/08 Bradford VTS 100% successful in Clinical Skills Assessment (external exam) so far Workplace based assessment –Trainers need extra time for assessments - e g some practices allocate 1/2 day every 4 weeks, on top of normal tutorial time –Panels who assess progress meet in the 5th month of the job so assessments have to be finished by end of month 4 (not 6) –MSFs and PSQs - how are they going?

6 Trainee employment issues Bradord VTS study leave policy: HDR + 5 days of study leave approved in advance by the trainer; more than this may be agreed if trainer considers it appropriate for trainees educational needs Annual leave for senior (grade 3) trainees: hospital contracts give them 6 weeks. VTS says GP trainee contracts are practices business, but recommend negotiating clearly at start of job, and explaining reasons if your practice says 5 weeks Car allowance: –for miles driven to and from visits, and –to work on days when the trainee has to visit patients but only up to 10 miles each way Child care vouchers: can be given to employees with childcare responsibilities, employer doesnt have to pay NI and employee doesnt have to pay tax

7 Other GP post info More 1-year posts (because trainees spending longer in GP, less time in hospital) Innovative posts combining GP and specialty experience - Deanery would like you to have 2 trainees at once, each working 50% of the week (attracts 2 training grants) PT trainees - Deanery prefer them to be 50% –so the posts fit the Aug/Feb system –so you can have 2 at once –so they dont have to have extra panels

8 Bradford VTS expectations of practices We have formalised our expectations of trainers because of increased number of trainees & increased complexity of training Expect practices to allow trainers at least 5 days study leave for training-related educational events (as well as whatever other study leave they need) Expect most trainers to contribute to HDR on Tuesday afternoons - either a 6 month block every 3 years or so, or 2(ish) sessions in a 6 month period. £182.50 per session

9 2 suggestions from the Trainers Time Out Put training issues as a recurrent item on practice business meeting agenda Trainer, PM and trainee meet every 2m to discuss employment issues

10 Increasing training capacity 50% increase required from 2007 to 2010! - because many FT GPs near retirement, and most new GPs likely to want to work PT and have career breaks So we need –More training practices –More trainers per practice –More trainees per trainer Deanery also plan to recognise associate trainers - –GPs without MRCGP –Practice nurses and nurse practitioners –Practice managers?

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