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Management of Time in the Consultation Andrew Mowat.

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1 Management of Time in the Consultation Andrew Mowat

2 Introduction The 10-minute Consultation Putting the genie back in the bottle Transition from GPR to Principal

3 Overview Punctuality Controlling the Agenda Controlling the Time

4 Punctuality Start on Time Set limits on lateness Minimise interruptions

5 Controlling the Agenda Establishing ground rules –notices, leaflets, education Looking for clues Defining the problem Opening Gambits Closing Gambits Exercise 1

6 Exercise 1: the long list Mrs Smith, a 75-yr-old arthritic widow, is a frequent visitor to your Surgery. She comes in today after something of a long interval for her, and says: Youve been so busy recently, I thought Id save a few things up for you to deal with all at once. Make it overt Set limits on todays consultation Establish a time when the rest of her agenda will be dealt with Educate her in ways of making appointments for multiple problems

7 Controlling the Time Questioning –open –closed Body Language –open –closed Use of Resources Ending the Consultation Exercise 2

8 Resources Time –allows problem to evolve –allows patients/doctors thoughts to clarify Investigation Referral Self-Help groups

9 Exercise 2: the complex problem Mr White is a 40-yr-old Type 1 Diabetic. He has recently begun to feel excessively tired, has non-specific aches and pains, some sensory changes in his feet, and erectile dysfunction. Try and simplify the problem: –bite-size chunks Use of Time –investigations –referral –trial of intervention medication etc

10 Exercise 3: the late bombshell Miss Jones is a 16-yr-old new patient you are meeting for the first time. She has come to see you about her acne. After about 8 minutes of the consultation, she tells you she thinks she might be pregnant. Dont despair: time isnt everything! Deal with the important things today –wanted or unwanted? –evidence for suspicion etc Arrange review for the unimportant things: booking etc

11 Ending the Consultation (1) Verbal –summarising –arranging review Physical –posture getting up opening door the corridor consultation –paperwork prescription letter, form etc

12 Ending the Consultation (2) Last Resort –walking out –next patient –asking for coffee –telephone –pager –fire alarm

13 Summary Overview –start on time –control the agenda –control the time –use resources –end the consultation –dont be afraid to run late

14 Aspirations The 15-minute consultation –Pendletons Seven Tasks Patient responsibility –choose appointment length? Private Healthcare

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