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Remember The Patient ! By Ged Oliver CHD Collaborative.

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1 Remember The Patient ! By Ged Oliver CHD Collaborative

2 Who am I ? 22 years NHS experience – in Pathology Strong family history of CHD MI at 36 years of age Triple bypass at 38 years of age

3 The System Needs Improving ! Dont just sit and moan. GOYA – get off yer ass ( K.Akabusi ) Try and do something about it ! What do I about it?

4 The whole system? Primary care is only one part of a patients journey ! My experience was as 1 patient across the whole pathway It highlighted problems across the whole pathway

5 What is the aim of the NHS? 1. To give stress free employment for staff? 2. To provide a service for patients?

6 The Doctor

7 The Nurse

8 A Team !!

9 A Crowd – what do we see ?

10 Patients? Its Me

11 What do I want as a patient? Does the service I receive meet my needs? How could primary care provide a better service for me?

12 Access to my GP Previously – booked appointments only. OK for cardiac check-ups! Not acceptable for acute problems !!!!

13 Changes in GP Access I must phone on the day I require appointment. This is OK for acute problems – BUT What about check-ups??

14 What about ME!! I need regular check-up appointments. I live in Bury I work in Bradford I NEED TO BOOK NON URGENT APPOINTMENTS!!

15 Lets Start Listening to our Patients !! Lets think as patients – not as NHS staff trying to make stressful working lives better for ourselves !

16 REMEMBER you never know when you will be the patient !!

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