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Abbreviated Mental Test Score Hodkinson Test

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1 Abbreviated Mental Test Score Hodkinson Test
AMTS Abbreviated Mental Test Score Hodkinson Test

2 AMTS Screening test for cognitive impairment
Tests orientation, recall, language and current knowledge Is highly suited to use within hospitals Is quick and easy to use.

3 AMTS However: It cannot help with differential diagnosis.
Depressed and aphasic patients may not do well on this test even if they do not have a memory problem it is unsuitable to monitor disease progression

4 AMTS Maximum score 10 Score below 7 suggests cognitive impairment
Further evaluation is then required

5 Performing the test LGI paper Holmes / Gilbody 1996:
105 doctors contacted 1 unware of AMTS 82 used incomplete / wrong set of questions 103 scored incorrectly 78 incorrectly used half marks 41 misdiagnosed respondent as cognitively intact 1 doctor scored correctly

6 Performing the test Age Date of birth Year Time of day
Score for exact age only Date of birth Score for correct date and month (year not required) Year Score for current year only Time of day Score if correct to the nearest hour

7 Performing the test Place Monarch Year of first world war
Score if exact address or name of hospital given ("in hospital" is insufficient) Monarch Score for current monarch only Year of first world war Score for year of start or finish (both not necessary)

8 Performing the test Counting backwards from 20 to 1
Score if no mistakes or subject corrects himself or herself spontaneously Recognition of two people Score if roles of two people correctly recognised--for example, doctor and nurse Recall of three point address such as 42 West Street Score if registered correctly near beginning of test and on recall at end of test

9 Mini Mental State Examination
MMSE Mini Mental State Examination (Folstein et al.) Valid diagnosis of cognitive impairment Differential diagnosis possible More time consuming ( >10 min) not recommended as a screening instrument for the detection of early stages of dementia Influenced by age and education

10 6 Item Cognitive Impairment Test
6CIT 6 Item Cognitive Impairment Test brief and reliable instrument for identifying cognitive impairment diagnostic properties comparable to full MMSE telephone interview possible

11 Question Score range Weighting Weighted score What Year is it 0-1 x4 What month is it x3 Give the memory phrase e.g. (John Smith 42 West Street Bedford) About what time is it Count back from 20-1 0-2 x2 Say months in reverse Repeat the memory phrase 0-5 Total score for 6CIT 0-28

12 References Holmes J, Gilbody S
Differences in use of abbreviated mental test score by geriatricians and psychiatrists BMJ 1996;313:465 (24 August) Tangalos EG, Smith GE, Ivnik RJ, Petersen RC, Kokmen E, Kurland LT, Offord KP, Parisi JE. The Mini-Mental State Examination in general medical practice: clinical utility and acceptance. Mayo Clin Proc Sep;71(9): Lomholt RK, Jurgensen The mini-mental state examination in screening of cognitive dysfunction and dementia Ugeskr Laeger Dec 7;160(50): Callahan CM, Unverzagt FW, Hui SL, Perkins AJ, Hendrie HC Six-item screener to identify cognitive impairment among potential subjects for clinical research. Med Care Sep;40(9): Health And Age WebSite Novartis Foundation for Gerontology 2002

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