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Lets do a quick round of introductions Chair: Ramesh Mehay.

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1 Lets do a quick round of introductions Chair: Ramesh Mehay

2 What are we trying to do? PURPOSE Were trying to get a feel for the overall picture of the trainee Looking at the evidence as a whole (rather than a reductionist approach) Allowing the flowers of good practice to bloom (Adrian Ds phrase)

3 The Session Plan 930-945 This presentation 945-1000 Ill start of with a trainee – to illustrate the process, get one done, allow you to ask questions 1000 - More trainees 1100 – 15 min comfort break 1200 - Lunch 1245-4.00 More trainees (break 2pm 15 min)

4 Traffic Light System On the desk there are three blank A4 sheets On the GREEN form – add names of your trainees who are clearly OKAY. AMBER form – add names of your trainees with whom you have a few concerns or are unsure about. RED form – add names of trainees you have SIGNIFICANT CONCERNS that are clearly NOT OKAY and need referral to a central Deanery panel.

5 Timings 10 mins for you to present 5 mins for panel to ask questions 3 mins to help the administrator what to write Longer if trainee is of concern

6 Which ones first? Well talk about the AMBER ones first, then the REDS and finally the GREENS Why? To make sure we spend time where it is needed. If were running out of time, its better to whizz through the GREENS/REDS than through the AMBERs.

7 What about those who are good but have missed 1-2 little things? Depends what the little things are Important that theyve done the RCGPs prescribed mandatory things. BUT.... We need to weigh up the deficient item in light of all the other evidence that is there. Does any of the other evidence make up for it? Ultimately, were going to weigh up the WHOLE evidence to see if the portfolio is evidence deficient for any of the 12 Professional Competencies (esp for ST3s).

8 How to Present a Trainee We need to be swift yet thorough. Well present the electronic form on the projector You talk us through the different areas of the ARCP checklist form But dont be unnecessarily verbose. If its okay, just say its okay and you are satisfied. Talk more about those areas you have concerns. Define the concern (with examples). Panel to ask questions to clarify concerns. Decide recommendation. Help the administrator: what to write Then move on… (Light touch for the GREENs and REDs but more thorough for the AMBERs)

9 Lay Panel Assessors We know that you might be feeling more apprehensive than the rest of us. But please feel reassured that the rest of us are here to listen to you. You offer a different perspective: sometimes, the rest of us can be blind to what you can so easily see. Therefore, your opinion matters – so please feel comfortable to voice it.

10 Please allow me to facilitate and chair – if you wanna get home on time This means that I might: Ask you to be specific and descriptive where needs be Push you to move on - esp. if the evidence is clear (we need to stick to time) Cut a discussion short if it is veering off at a tangent


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