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Kindergarten Sight Words Level A I I like books.

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2 Kindergarten Sight Words Level A

3 I I like books.

4 a I see a dog.

5 The The cat is brown.

6 to I go to school.

7 is He is my friend.

8 go We will go home.

9 we We are happy.

10 see I see a bird.

11 my I love my family.

12 me Look at me!

13 at You are at the park.

14 am I am in Kindergarten.

15 can I can help you.

16 like I like to play.

17 an An apple is red.

18 in They are in the house.

19 black That dog is black.

20 brown The cats are brown.

21 orange The cup is orange.

22 purple Look at the purple flower.

23 yellow My bike is yellow.

24 blue That ball is blue.

25 green The tree is green.

26 pink The pig is pink.

27 red Our car is red.

28 one I read one book.

29 two We see two horses.

30 three I have three dogs.

31 four I ate four cookies.

32 five Five boys are here.

33 Kindergarten Sight Words Level B

34 and Cats and dogs are pets.

35 it It is cold outside.

36 look Look at the snow!

37 come She will come to play.

38 here Here is the teacher.

39 run I will run to the park.

40 he He has brown hair.

41 do I will do my work.

42 get I will get some cake.

43 had We had fun today.

44 has That girl has a ball.

45 no No running in the halls.

46 little That kitten is little.

47 Kindergarten Sight Words Level C

48 said My mom said, “No.”

49 you I like you.

50 for This gift is for you.

51 was He was nice.

52 she She is kind.

53 with I will go with you.

54 by I went by your house.

55 some I need some help.

56 put Put your name on your paper.

57 are How are you?

58 do I can do that.

59 did I did my homework.

60 have I have a new pen.

61 him Do you know him?

62 of What kind of candy do you like?

63 what What is your name?

64 so You are so nice!

65 on Let’s ride on the train.

66 his This is his book.

67 Congratulations! You have just read your Level A,B & C Sight Words!

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