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Culture and Health. Question 1 Which countrys culture locates the spirit in a space in the thorax, or kokoro? China Japan Korea Vietnam.

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1 Culture and Health

2 Question 1 Which countrys culture locates the spirit in a space in the thorax, or kokoro? China Japan Korea Vietnam

3 Question 2 In which culture were a combination of drugs, known as fang, prescribed to combat disease thought to be caused by angered spirits? Ancient Egyptian Ancient Chinese Ancient Greek Amazonian

4 Question 3 Humoural theory was systemised in Ancient Greece and was central to the teachings of Hippocrates. Name the four humours?

5 Question 4 In Ancient Greece, many healers only prescribed medicine after invoking the God of Healing. What was his name? Apollo Asklepios Chiron Hermes

6 Question 5 In the year 400AD, which religions laws refused to acknowledge a community that lacked a doctor?

7 Question 6 Which two cities had the worlds most advanced hospitals during the years 800 – 900? Baghdad Cairo New York London

8 Question 7 According to the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Coptic Christian Churches, St Apollonia was the patron saint of which ailment? Dysmenorrhoea Toothache Migraine Visual disturbance

9 Question 8 The shrine of St Anthony was visited by pilgrims seeking a cure for St Anthonys Fire. What is this condition known as today? Eczema Erysipelas Psoriasis Pityriasis

10 Question 9 The temple of Mira Datar, a Sufi Muslim shrine in India, is believed to help those with what type of illness? Mental health Cancer Respiratory problems Reproductive problems

11 Question 10 How many basic pulses are there in traditional Chinese medicine? 1 2 7 12

12 Question 11 Which medical practitioners interpret the rhythmic pattern of a patients pulse as an indication of the balance of the three doshas? African Ayurvedic Homeopathic Unani Tibb

13 Question 12 In modern India, the government supports different medical traditions (which is unusual!). Name two of the traditions supported?

14 Question 13 The National Institute of Medical Herbalists was founded in the UK in 1843. How many herbal practitioners does it represent today? >50 >100 >500 >1000

15 Question 14 Which type of traditional medicine does the WHO rank as the most popular in Western Europe today? Herbal medicine Acupuncture Acupressure Hydrotherapy

16 Question 15 In which continent is traditional medicine, such as divination, used by 80% of the population? Asia Africa South America Australasia

17 Question 16 Which physical therapy do many tribes in Africa use as a cure for colds and other common illnesses?

18 Question 17 In China, what is liquorice root NOT used for? Hepatitis Duodenal ulcer Sore throat Muscle spasms

19 Question 18 Acupuncture is based upon the theory of energy flow through meridians. How many meridians are there believed to be? 4 7 10 14

20 Question 19 Ginger root is commonly used as a remedy in Asian cultures. Name three symptoms / conditions it is used for?

21 Question 20 According to Chinese culture, what is ginseng believed to balance within a persons being?

22 Question 21 What is the name given to the popular martial art used in China as preventative medicine, usually early in the morning?

23 Question 22 The leaves or sap of the Akapulko shrub is used in the treatment of which common infection in the Philippines? Pneumonia Ringworm Folliculitis Gastroenteritis

24 Question 23 Which Filipino fruit is often used as a home remedy for hypertension? Sour plum Bitter melon Papaya Avocado

25 Question 24 What practice is common in the Catholic Church to heal a persons body and soul?

26 Question 25 Noni juice, made from the Indian mulberry, can be used to treat all but which of these conditions, according to Hawaiian culture? Gastric ulcers Diabetes Asthma Hypertension

27 Question 26 What is the name given to the systematic form of touch healing that originated in Japan?

28 Question 27 Some Middle Eastern cultures have remedies based on the principle of balancing warm and cold. Aab Nabaat is a remedy for upset stomachs, but what is it? Salt and water Rock candy and water Lemon and water Aspirin and water

29 Question 28 Does it take longer to train as a doctor or a herbalist / healer according to Native American culture?

30 Question 29 This plant is used in the treatment of altitude sickness and fatigue in South America. It is also commonly used in processed foods around the world. What is it called?

31 Question 30 Which creatures are still sold in the animal markets of Istanbul as a cure for snake bites?

32 Question 31 In Western culture, apart from cryotherapy and medications, name another treatment for warts?

33 Question 32 In Mexican culture, what do they often use to try and eliminate facial acne? Lemon Orange Lime Grapefruit

34 Question 33 Extracts from this plant are commonly used in the treatment of skin conditions and was first discovered in Egypt. What is it called?

35 Question 34 According to Persian culture, the juice of which fruit can alleviate the symptoms of migraine? Peach Grape Mango Watermelon

36 Question 35 In traditional Korean culture, honey and salt can be used to cure what? Constipation Diarrhoea Vomiting Flatulence

37 Answers - 1 Japan Difficulties in removing organs from brain- dead donors

38 Answers - 2 Ancient Chinese culture

39 Answers - 3 Blood Phlegm Black bile Yellow bile

40 Answers - 4 Asklepios

41 Answers – 5 Jewish culture

42 Answers - 6 Baghdad Cairo

43 Answers - 7 Toothache

44 Answers - 8 Erysipelas

45 Answers - 9 Mental health problems

46 Answers - 10 12 Six on each wrist Each linked to different organs

47 Answers - 11 Ayurvedic The learned physician should read the happiness and misery of the body by feeling the pulse at the root of the thumb, which stands as the witness of the soul.

48 Answers - 12 Biomedicine Ayurveda Yoga Naturopathy Unani Tibb Siddha Homeopathy

49 Answers - 13 >500 Figure actually likely to be more than 700

50 Answers - 14 Herbal Medicine

51 Answers - 15 Africa

52 Answers - 16 Dance Illness believed to be caused by an unknown ailment / spirit within them sweat out / forced out by movement

53 Answers - 17 Duodenal ulcer

54 Answers - 18 14

55 Answers - 19 Aids digestion Restores appetite Regulates menstruation Stimulates sexual desire Cures colds Liver ailments Nausea Anaemia Rheumatism Haemorrhoids Jaundice Tetanus leprosy

56 Answers - 20 Yin and Yang / spiritual being

57 Answers - 21 Tai Chi

58 Answers - 22 Ringworm

59 Answers - 23 Bitter melon (Momordica charantia)

60 Answers - 24 The Sacrament of Anointing the Sick Believed to have five major effects: Uniting of the sick to the passion of Christ Strengthen the sick so that they can endure their suffering Forgiveness of sins Restoration of health Preparation for passing over into the afterlife

61 Answers - 25 Asthma The kalo plant can be used in asthma management

62 Answers - 26 Reiki

63 Answers - 27 Rock candy in water

64 Answers - 28 Herbalist / healer Selected at young age apprentice till middle age take over as healer

65 Answers - 29 Cocoa plant

66 Answers - 30 Leeches

67 Answers - 31 Morning spit!

68 Answers - 32 Lemon Cut fresh lemon in half rub across face rub onto a limb in order to transfer acne to less visible area

69 Answers - 33 Aloe vera

70 Answers - 34 Grape The story of King Jamshed and his wife

71 Answers - 35 Constipation

72 Total Score 42

73 References

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