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Union Organising around major sports events

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1 Union Organising around major sports events

2 Aims for the session Review the industry and the problem The campaign team The targets The objectives Progress so far

3 Sourcing Countries 80% manufactured in Asia for the US, EU and Japanese markets

4 The Problem Outsourced manufacture Low value added Pressure on Price Shortening lead times Lean manufacturing Consolidation following expiry of the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing 2004 Trade unions hitherto seen as an impediment to this model.

5 Labour Value in Nike T Shirts Table 1. Plant APlant B Number of workers in one line or cell 6 (cell)10 (line) Number of T shirts per day per line/cell 900800 Daily wage per workerUS$ 17.2US$ 13.6 T Shirts per worker15080 Unit Labour CostUS$ 0.11 centsUS$ 0.18 From : Locke 7 Romis 2006 p.32

6 Wage Profit for the brandRetail cut Ex factory

7 Campaign Team 2008 Steering Committee Lobby Group Popular Campaigning Group Media & Publicity, Street campaigning Companies & IOC/NOCs Strategy

8 Targets Olympics family Sourcing Companies (brands) Supplier firms Institutional investors Public and all workers All Governments (Chinese Government)

9 Targets International Olympics Committee + National Olympics Committees + Games Organising Committees Sourcing Companies Asian TNCs

10 What do we want to achieve Language in Olympic Charter New contractual provisions in Licensing IOC needs to invest in compliance

11 What do we want to achieve with brands and Suppliers on FOA Disclose locations Freedom of Association stakeholder meetings Non Interference Guarantee Access Agreements Apply principles of ILO Convention 135 Independent structures in China

12 Non-Interference Guarantee In the event of a trade union organising committee being formed in my factory I hereby undertake in line with the (name of buyer) code of conduct provision on freedom of association not to victimise any workers. Signed ……………..Factory Manager


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