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Welcome Croeso Cardiff EDC News March 2012. helping you find out about the European Union and the countries of Europe promoting debate about the EU and.

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1 Welcome Croeso Cardiff EDC News March 2012

2 helping you find out about the European Union and the countries of Europe promoting debate about the EU and European issues encouraging you to ask questions, give your opinions and make suggestions to the EU

3 Details of 2011-12 language courses now available French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish plus Croat, Polish, Russian and Turkish

4 Thursday 8 March 2012 European Film Night Wednesday 21 March 2012 European Citizens Inititative Wednesday 9 May 2012 Europe Day Quiz Forthcoming events at Cardiff EDC Further details

5 European Film Night Thursday 8 March 2012 6:30pm European Film Night Cardiff EDC presents an evening of European film. Professor Alexis Nuselovici (EUROS) will introduce the film The Edukators and lead a discussion. Wine and canapé reception prior to the film. Free and open to all. Email to tickets. Jan, Peter and Jule are united by their passion to change the world. They become The Edukators, mysterious activists who warn the rich their days of plenty are numbered.

6 European Citizens Initiative Wednesday 21 March 2012 6:00pm What I want the EU to do… An event to mark the launch of the EUs European Citizens Initiative on 1 April 2012 Students will suggest topics for an ECI – an opportunity to influence EU policy making – and vote on their suggestions over a glass of wine

7 Forthcoming talks and events in Cardiff with a European theme

8 Contact: Ian Stafford

9 Contact: Ian Stafford

10 Contact: Rachel De Benedictis

11 Contact: Ian Stafford

12 Website:


14 Cardiff is named European Capital for Sport Cardiff has been successful in securing the prestigious title of European Capital of Sport 2014. The announcement was made by officials from the European Capitals of Sports Association (ACES) at an event held in Valencia this week. It was recognised that Cardiff has firmly established itself as a leading city for sport, offering state of the art stadiums and facilities including the Millennium Stadium, SWALEC Stadium and Cardiff International Sport Stadium. Leader of the Council, Cllr Rodney Berman said: "There is no denying the city already has a fantastic sporting pedigree. Ther e is no den ying the city alre ady has a fant astic spor ting pedi gree. Cardiff has been named European Capital of Sport 2014

15 In the News… Guimarães (Portugal) and Maribor (Slovenia) European Capitals of Culture 2012

16 In the News… Denmark holds the EU Presidency for the period January – June 2012 Website:

17 In the News… 12 March 2012 Directive on the confiscating and freezing of criminal assets The Commission will propose a Directive to make it easier for Member States to confiscate assets derived from serious and organised crime. It will establish a new EU legal framework to simplify existing EU rules and fill gaps which have benefitted criminals until now.

18 In the News… 12-17 March 2012 6th World Water Forum, Marseille

19 In the News… 16 March 2012 Launch of a new EU initiative to boost prevention of hunger and famine in the Horn of Africa

20 Travelling around Europe? Find out your rights… Rail – Air – People with reduced mobility…

21 112 is the common telephone number to ring in ALL EU Member States to get through to the Emergency Services

22 Recently published reports on topics relating to Wales and Europe…

23 Click on images to download reports


25 Looking for information on these subjects or anything else connected with Europe? Please ask EDC staff or use


27 April 2008 – March 2013 is now freely available to libraries, schools and public bodies in Wales Please ask for details

28 Sign up to receive information at:

29 New website from the EU bringing together information for children about the EU

30 A new electronic one-stop-shop for access to justice information throughout the EU

31 The UK European Consumer Centre for Services provides general information on consumer laws and rights when buying a service in another EU member state, as well as contact details for organisations that could provide practical assistance in the case of a dispute.


33 Look out for the launch of… CITZALIA a new virtual role-playing game and social networking forum to boost citizens' understanding of how the EU works

34 Try out two new educational games from the European Central Bank CONOMIA + INFLATION ISLAND

35 Welcome to the Youtube space of the European Union


37 Fraternité2020 Their goal is to make European exchange programmes like Erasmus or the European Voluntary Service (EVS) more attractive in order to enable more European citizens to spend time in another country

38 Find out what is happening… Give your opinions and participate...

39 EU Citizenship resources available… Further information

40 European Citizens Initiative Launching 1 April 2012 Further information:

41 Welsh Members of the European Parliament 2009-2014 Jill Evans Kay Swinburne Derek Vaughan John Bufton Click on image to connect to MEPs website

42 Elections in Europe March 2012 Russia Presidential Election 4 March 2012 Slovakia Parliamentary Election 10 March 2012 Referendums in Switzerland on 12 March 2012 and in Slovenia on 25 March 2012 on domestic issues


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