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Project Arian – Cut Over Activities Senior Managers Meeting Olivia Stokes September 2009.

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1 Project Arian – Cut Over Activities Senior Managers Meeting Olivia Stokes September 2009

2 Will your Directorate be ready to use Oracle in 30 days?

3 Purpose Thank you for completing spreadsheets and other information ! What will happen next with the spreadsheets… Help prepare all Managers and with cutover activities so that every Directorate is prepared to go live with a new way of working and using a new system from 1 st Dec 09. Define Managers roles and responsibilities in delivering the changes required to make the project a success Provide a list of Key Users and Champions who will provide support from go live.

4 What Happens Next? Champions completed training pilots from 5 th Oct – 17 th October 09 A list of staff circulated to Managers with identified staff who should attend Purchase to Pay, General Ledger and Projects Training. Directorates provided some additions or deletions of names by Thursday 1 st October. Training invites have sent out to individual staff in next two weeks. Staff MUST book a place on training (not turn up). Responsibility 1: Ensure staff have minimum basic IT skills (they can log on and shop online) Responsibility 2: Ensure all staff complete Basic Oracle Navigation e- learning training (available on before attending

5 Continuation… Responsibility 3: Check that all required staff in your Directorate (on the lists) are booked to attend the relevant training courses once official invites go out. Staff will attend generic training on Purchase to Pay, General Ledger and/or Projects – this training may cover more than their individual responsibility. Responsibility 4: Remind staff what their role is within Finance so they know the tasks they can and cannot do within your own Directorate.

6 Training and Between Go Live Training Manuals will be available on the Arian website ( We will send copies of training manuals to Directorate There will be a Purchase to Pay e-learning package available between training and go live (accessible from the Arian website). Responsibility 5: Encourage staff to visit the Arian website to use the e-learning package in order to maintain and reinforce their knowledge.

7 Suppliers Details, Non-Standard Suppliers & Delivery Addresses It is in Directoratess interests to check your regular suppliers will be added to Oracle from go live. If no supplier record is set up, Directorates cannot raise an order through Oracle until a record has been created by Central Purchasing Team. To prevent any delays in raising orders please visit the Purchase to Pay FAQs web page ( to review Use the form provided to request any additional suppliers not on the list to be added. All Delivery Locations also need to be checked (using the same website) Responsibility 6: Ensure your Directorate has checked and sent any amends on your regular suppliers, non-standard suppliers and delivery addresses.

8 Contract & Blanket Agreements? Responsibility 7: Directorates need to consider any requirements for Contract Purchase Agreements Orders and Blanket Purchase Agreements See Notes and refer to Darren Evans.

9 Purchase Orders… No open purchase orders raised on current systems will be brought across onto Oracle. No commitments for these will be shown in Oracle. It is a benefit to each Directorate to close off as many open purchase orders on current systems as the interim payment process will be lengthy. You will have to receive these invoices, approve and send them to Accounts Payable Team. The University as a whole is trying to move to a new way of working so having many open orders on current systems will not help the University or its suppliers to shift to a common way of working. There will be a two week period before go live where only URGENT purchase orders can be raised (process to be defined).

10 Key Messages All current systems (Honours, Hyperdata, Coda, Research Management System) should be read only from Friday 27 th November 09. (No ordering to take place on Friday 27 th November & Monday 30 th November 09) – link between Honours, Hyperdata and Coda will be switched off. From the 1 st December all Purchase Orders must be raised on Oracle. If there is no purchase order number, no payment will be made (apart from approved exceptions). Oracle has new Chart of Accounts that do not link with Honours, Hyperdata or Coda. You should only be using Oracle (no other systems) from 1 st December.

11 Directorate Managers Responsibilities Responsibility 8: Ensure staff close open purchase orders on existing systems (as far as possible) Responsibility 9: Meet with Finance related staff in Schools / research staff and try to identify any orders that can be raised for a six week period leading up to go live on 1 st Dec 09 by mid- October. Responsibility 10: Ensure staff follow the interim process for authorising URGENT Purchase Orders two weeks before go live (process to be defined) Responsibility 11: Ensure local system to Coda reconciliations are up to date

12 Last payment runs on current system Tuesday 17 th November 09 AP to receive all invoices and expenses by 4pm AP to receive Petty Cash Reimbursements and Departmental Bank Accounts by 4pm Monday 23 rd November 09 AP to receive all journals and TRFs by 4pm and Purchase Card Transactions Tuesday 24 th November 09 Last Payment Run

13 Last payment runs on Current System In order to support the transition between existing systems and Oracle Financials please note that the cut off dates for any requests for payments or changes should be sent to HR or Salaries for inclusion of November and December payrolls as follows: Cut-off Dates November 09 December 09 Salaries 6/11/09 4/12/09 HR 3/11/09 1/12/09 These include Gold, Pink and Peach forms, Notification of changes, Forms relating to appointment of secondments and Discretionary payments.

14 Names of Champions / Key Users Cluster Group 1Key UserChampion CHEMISTRYPatricia Wilson COMPUTER SCIENCE John Evans/Nick Fidian EARTH SCIENCES Sharon Phillips ENGINEERINGLynne PetersSheena Davies MATHS MEC PHYSICSPhil TreadgoldNicola Hunt Cluster Group 2 BIOSCIENCEJanet SullivanGareth Hurley OPTOMETRYSteve MorganSian Evans PHARMACYLyn Evans PSYCHOLOGY Heidi Bleach / Dave Johnson/Elaine Rees

15 Continuation…Names of Champions / Key Users Cluster Group 3Key User Champion ARCHITECTURE Susan Bowden BUSINESSRebecca Comley HISTORY & ARCHAEOLOGYAnnie Brown JOURNALISM Barbara Tomlin LAW Julia McCarthy LEARN RELIGIOUS STUDIES Cluster Group 4 C PLAN Angela Evans ENGLISH Rachel Webber EUROPEAN STUDIES Mary Raschello MUSIC SOCSI Carolyn Bowen

16 Continuation…Names of Champions / Key Users Cluster Group 5Key Users Champions DENTAL Richard Lewis HEALTH CARE Jan Arnold/Dianne Martin MEDIC SCHOOLS Sarah Debattista/Adam Parsons NURSING & WIDWIFERY Louise Jones PGMDERichard ThomasGabrielle Couch/Jeff White

17 Reminder of the role of a Champion I would like to re-iterate that Champions are there to offer a basic level of support both in training courses and when we go live. InsrvConnect and a functional team will deal with more complex questions and system set up issues from go live. You are not expected to have the same level of knowledge of Oracle and new business processes as you do with current processes! Lets separate fact and fiction! × Fiction Fact × If you dont know the answer then you should! × You will look silly because you dont have the answer × You are expected to know what every business process is and have knowledge of everything. How can you know everything when you are just learning?!! If you know the answer thats great! If you do not know the answer say so, dont give incorrect information or if unsure, refer people to FAQs, Training Manuals & E-Learning. You should know how to raise a requisition, receipt and query an invoice if youve been on the Purchase to Pay Course. You should also be able to view a project if you attended Projects Course and you should be able to create a journal if you attended the General Ledger Course. If you dont, remind yourself through supporting training, looking at the training manual and going on the e-learning packages.

18 Support for Training (Champions) Just a reminder to all Champions that the Project Arian Team have assigned Champions to specific training dates to help reinforce your knowledge. Please visit the link below to find out when you are down to provide basic support and to help reinforce your knowledge. /index.html Training Manual & GL & P2P E-learning Additional Support for Champions & Key Users before Go Live 24th November all afternoon and 25th November workshops all afternoon to focus on helping Champions feel ready (invites to be sent out soon) to provide basic level support. Please provisionally put these in your diaries! /index.html

19 Thanks for attending! Questions and Answers

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