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Warm Welcome from the International Office. Arrival Checklist Tell your family you have arrived safely Access the internet – email home Complete enrolment.

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1 Warm Welcome from the International Office

2 Arrival Checklist Tell your family you have arrived safely Access the internet – email home Complete enrolment & pay your tuition fees Get your Student ID card Get your bank letter and open your bank account Register with the police (if applicable) Attend the induction events Register with the Doctor

3 Help and Advice International student helpdesk International Student Advisors available Saturday 21- Friday 27 September 2nd floor, Students Union Where do I find….? How do I…? When can I…? Friendly advice –Esther and Jack can answer any questions you have! Police registration appointments Ticket sales for Guided Coach tour

4 Contact Family back home & access internet Use mobile phone SIM card in welcome pack if brought phone from home Email access - Julian Hodge Study Centre, 3rd floor, campus map. 14. Open weekdays 09.00 – 21.00, weekends 10.00 – 17.00 Brought your computer? Connect to the University network from your University Residence. This is free! Check youve got the right plug for your computer, plug BS1363

5 Need help with getting online or with your computer? IT clinic, 1st floor Students Union - weekdays, 08.30 – 17.30 - Saturday, 10.00 – 16.00 - closed on Sunday Problems connecting to the RESLAN network? Make appointment with RESLAN Support Team Julian Hodge Study Centre, 3rd floor, Campus map 14, - weekdays 09.00 – 21.00 (specific appointments with a technician can be made 08.45 – 12.30) - weekend 10.00 – 17.00

6 Getting online! Want to buy or rent a computer? Go to the IT Shop, 1st floor Students Union All equipment sold is ready to use on campus and supported by University Computing service

7 Enrol online Staff available to help you enrol online 4 th floor Students Union Today and Tomorrow 10.00 –16.00 Mon 23 September – Thurs 3 October 09.00 – 16.30 Heath Sports and Social Club (campus ref. 117) Mon 23 - Wed 25 Sept 9.00 – 16.30

8 Academic School Enrolment Welcome meetings will be taking place in your School next week Meet your Lecturers and other School staff who can help with your studies Enrol for some subjects in your first term Visit your School Administration Office and see: s

9 Student ID card 4 th floor Students Union After enrolled online, obtain your Student ID - Saturday and Sunday 10.00 –16.00 - Mon 23 September – Thurs 3 October 09.00–16.30 You must bring your passport and show valid visa for study at Cardiff University! student discounts, use library, access to University buildings, sports centre and Students Union Failure to pick up card – could be reported to UKBA as non attendance

10 Bank letter & Proof of Enrolment letter: 4 th floor Students Union 4 bank letters provided for you Santander bank-Student ID card & passport Staff available to advise on how to open a UK bank account Which account you are eligible for What services each bank provides Letters provided Today and Tomorrow: 10.00 –16.00 Monday 23 September – Thursday 3 October 09.00–16.30

11 Police Registration PRIORITY! Visa page of passport to see if you need to register with the police To avoid the queues: Make appointment at International Student Help Desk on 2 nd floor Students Union Police Officers registering students in International Office: Monday 23 – Friday 27 Sept 9.30 – 16.45 Help and advice provided by International Office Staff

12 Police Registration PRIORITY! If this is 1 st time you have registered you will need: - 2 photographs. Photo machine 1 st floor of Students Union - Passport -£34.00, correct cash only - Complete police registration questionnaire -Help on how to complete the questionnaire Arrive 10 minutes before appointment – staff check documents before you meet Police DO NOT MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT!!!

13 Register with a Doctor All students should register with the Doctor nearest to their accommodation Living in University residences? See Residences Manager – name and address of Doctors Surgeries For further advice contact: Health Centre, 47 Park Place, Map ref: 37. Open Monday – Friday 09.00 – 16.30

14 Buying second hand bike Pedal Power: 2 nd hand bikes, cycle hire, cycle tours Gumtree: Online market place to buy 2 nd hand bikes, you collect bike and pay in cash Cycle Training Wales Saturday 5 October 10.00 – 12.00, go early! Bikes cost £50 - £150 – cash or cheques only workshop/ click on bike sale

15 Induction programme Open air double-decker bus tour of Cardiff Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 September, 10.00– 16.00 Walking Campus tour Monday 23 & Tuesday 24 September, 10.00 & 11.30 Meet front of Main Building, map ref. 39 Great British Quiz Night Tuesday 24 September, 19.00 – 22.00 Students Union, CF10

16 Induction programme Sport Fair Wednesday 25 September, 10.00 –17.00, Great Hall Students Union Societies Fair Thurs 26 and Fri 27 September, 10.00 – 17.00 Great Hall, Students Union Guided Coach Tour - in and around Cardiff – Sunday 29 September, 08.45 – 17.00 – Tickets £15 –from International Student Help Desk, Union or from International Office

17 Postgraduate Student Welcome in Graduate Centre Monday 23 – Sunday 29 September - University Welcome - Quiz and pizza night - Film night - Meet and Mingle - Coffee crawl around Cardiff - Cardiff Bay Cruise - Mexican food night events/

18 Need Private Accommodation? Private sector lists see: Cardiff University Letting Agency, bottom floor Students Union Accommodation Advice Avoid private accommodation problems Student Union Advice & Representation Centre - 3rd floor Student Support Centre – 50 Park Place, Map ref. 31

19 University Accommodation Hope you are happy in your room, but if not… Online transfer process 08.00 Wed 2 Oct Administration charge - £20.00 Contact your Residences Manager Complete the on-line transfer form Vacancies normally start occurring mid October Residence Staff will telephone/email you offer Direct swap with a fellow student Graduate Centre/Facebook/Twitter

20 We hope you enjoy your time in Cardiff!

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