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International Conference

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2 International Conference




6 20,000 copies sold Discussed and implemented in dioceses/circuits/churches. Fresh Expressions organisation. Growing worldwide influence

7 A fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. It will come into being through principles of listening, service, incarnational mission and making disciples. It will have the potential to become a mature expression of church shaped by the gospel and the enduring marks of the church and for its cultural context.

8 both-and continue to grow and develop the church as it is continue to grow and develop the church as it is establish fresh expressions of church establish fresh expressions of church

9 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust


11 A missional re-engagement with society

12 Playing Away

13 The day of the churched culture is over. culture is over. The day of the mission field has come. Kennon L Callahan Kennon L Callahan Effective Church Leadership Effective Church Leadership

14 It is becoming clear that many of the people for whom Christ died are unlikely to be drawn to our existing churches however spiritually alive, hospitable and attractive they are. Bishop Graham Cray

15 we understood mission one way and organised life to accomplish it. We have awakened to find out the mission moved on us. To keep focusing on mission, we have to turn the furniture around and face a different direction. We may even have to move into another room. Loren Mead. The Once and Future Church The Alban Institute

16 A re-imagination of what church is (and could become)

17 We are seeing what corporate forms of life actually happen when people meet Jesus. Rowan Williams

18 What does it look like to form Gods What does it look like to form Gods people in a place where the maps that once guided us so well no that once guided us so well no longer help us to make sense of the territory in which we find ourselves. Alan Roxburgh

19 Ancient pathsAncient paths Compass pointsCompass points Journey mapsJourney maps Missional Map making

20 Holy UP Apostolic OUT Catholic OF IN One Enduring Marks Four linked Journeys Jesus focus Jesus followers Church is any expression of the life of Jesus in communal form OHCA

21 the theological doctrine of the church the theological doctrine of the church cannot be simply expressed in abstract terms about the churches timeless nature. It will have to provide points of departure for reforming the church, for giving it a more authentic form. Faithfulness and the fresh start are not antitheses in the history of the Spirit. J. Moltmann, The Church in the Power of the Spirit. SCM 1977

22 The illiterate of the 21 st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Alvin Toffler The Third Wave

23 A re-orientation towards whole life discipleship.

24 The glory of God is the human person fully alive Irenaeus of Lyon

25 How we see God How we see ourselves and others How we see our community How we see creation and society

26 If not part of a mutually discipling community the culture will disciple you. Graham Cray


28 What kind of people are we called to be? What kind of community is capable of raising people like that?

29 We do not want you to copy or imitate us. We want to be like a ship that has crossed the ocean, leaving a wake of foam, which soon fades away. We want you to follow the Spirit, which we have sought to follow, but who must be sought anew in every generation. Quakers of Balby, 17C

30 Questions for discussion? Do the 3 key changes ring true in your context? Would you add any others? What is your big question for this week?

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