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Richmond june 09 Safeguarding adults: national developments and future directions

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1 richmond june 09 Safeguarding adults: national developments and future directions

2 richmond june 09 A decade of development what has gone well with No Secrets? what changes might result from the review? roles & responsibilities, recording & legal matters, personalisation

3 richmond june 09 Climate of concern? Decline in trust ? Public expectations heightened Increase in anxiety ? Interest and approach of media Victims & perpetrators Concern about unsupported carers (Comic Relief study)

4 richmond june 09 1)The era of No secrets brought… Rules: Appointments and vetting (CRB) Checking (POVA List) Inspection focus Renewed interest in domestic violence Attention to bullying & fear of crime Development of hate crime

5 richmond june 09 No Secrets itself Adult protection committees (safeguarding) Adult protection coordinators Multi (limited) agency partnerships Policies & procedures eg joint investigations Training and induction (but no money)

6 richmond june 09 And more Lawyers Law and regulation Care Standards Act 2000 + POVA Sexual Offences Act 2002 Human Rights Act Mental Capacity Act 2005 & offences Whistle blowing & complaints Equalities – Commission & law

7 richmond june 09 2 Recording & legal matters: practice feedback? Legal but what? (duties? powers of entry? mandatory reporting? duty to co- operate? whistleblowing!) Resources - how much and what for? Social changes (what?) Engagement of other agencies? (which and how?) Postvention – what, who and how?

8 richmond june 09 3) Personalisation: New kid on the block Vital that all agencies know what social care transformation is all about High level acceptance of risk Duty of care remains to be seen – Hounslow case Who will take the responsibility? What are the specific issues?

9 richmond june 09 Personalisation: specific issues Not defending the current system as risk free Direct Payments – not the only deployment option Building safeguarding into the support plan & monitoring How to say no, maybe and no longer Safety nets –what are these locally?

10 richmond june 09 Summary: What has gone well? Issues higher profile Having policies & procedures Having local coordinators Council responsibility Joint investigations, witness support.. Human rights approach developing Maintaining learning approaches eg SCR Implementation funds eg MCA

11 richmond june 09 Future developments: National steer Key questions around organisational relationships and funding Rights to safeguarding Development of agreed outcomes NB Review of law and adult social care

12 richmond june 09 Local agendas? Support maps Police – assurance re contacts & transferring skills eg collecting evidence DV – building bridges Adult services – specialist teams? Or everyones business? NHS – building on primary care to reach into acute

13 richmond june 09 Task extension Sustaining and developing sources of support, information and advice (possibly Adult Safeguarding team/leads) Participating in local activities eg skills development, consultation, the business Constructing thresholds Building up expert evidence Leaning from near misses and incidents

14 richmond june 09 Local potential? What are local responses? And which work? Responding and relating to CQC Looking carefully at prevention- what works? Look out for neglect and self-neglect

15 richmond june 09 Good luck!

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