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Evaluating Web Resources DTRT session 4 Simon Mahony CCH.

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1 Evaluating Web Resources DTRT session 4 Simon Mahony CCH

2 Information Quality on the Web There is little or no control of what appears on the Web. Two aspects to quality in web information quality of content quality of presentation

3 Criteria for assessing content Authority Nature, Purpose and Audience Currency Objectivity Coverage Bibliographic Support Aesthetics and Craftsmanship

4 Authority Personal or institutional? What do I know about the author? Institutional Affiliation Sponsors or affiliated institutions Is Contact Information provided? Remember: all this can be checked on the web! Link

5 Nature, Purpose and Audience Link What is the purpose of the page? What is the assumed context? What is intended audience Does the design of the page suggest the kind of audience?Link1Link2Link1Link2 ExampleExample Example2Example2

6 Currency Is the material time dependent? –Does it matter? When was the site last updated? Are all the links working? Example

7 Objectivity Is it an advocacy page? Does it defend its case against criticism? Are facts accurately and completely cited? Do the authors credentials and affiliations show any conflicts of interest? Who is paying? Link1Link1 Link2Link2

8 Coverage Scope of site? – any clear statement of purpose? Does it cover its scope adequately? Does it give both sides of the argument? Is it still under construction?

9 Bibliographic Support Does the author support what they say? Are sources respectable? Do a Google search on the author! What do the authors peers say about his/her work?

10 Aesthetics and Craftmanship What does the design communicate? Appropriate balance between text and graphics? Are slow links considered? Is author generally considerate of users? Is the writing of high quality?

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