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How to Properly Motivate Employees Power-point Presentation By Matthew Sullivan.

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1 How to Properly Motivate Employees Power-point Presentation By Matthew Sullivan

2  Leadership  Setting Goals or quotas  Maintaining Moral  Preventing Hostile Work Environments Motivational Techniques

3  Leader Behaviors  Leaders perform either task performance behaviors or group maintenance behaviors in an effort to either work one-on-one with an employee to motivate them, or in an effort to increase teamwork and well motivated groups. Leadership The process by which one person attempts to influence another to accomplish some goal or goals.

4  Leader Decision Making  Good leaders tend to be either autocratic leaders or democratic leaders depending on whether the leaders makes the decision themselves and then announce them to employees, or are democratic if they turn to the opinions of employees to make their decisions. Leadership cont.…

5  Leadership Styles  There is no one best style! Effective managers use all styles, selecting the style most appropriate for each situation. The best leaders are transformational, in that they get people motivated to overlook personal needs for the sake of the group. Leadership cont.…

6  It is very important to set goals or quotas for employees because performance improves when  Employees feel their efforts will enable them to achieve the goals set for them by their managers, and  If they feel like they’ll receive rewards they value if they achieve their goals  It is also very important for a manager to regulate the level of goal difficulty based on the person because everyone is different and needs different goals and rewards Setting Goals or Quotas

7  Ways to improve moral:  Meetings prior to opening for the purpose of encouragement and information  Proper rewards  Personalizing the work done by employees for the purpose of employee job pride  Clearly stating the mission goal and updating employees on company info in an effort to include them in the “team.” Maintaining Moral

8  A hostile work environment will decrease moral and productivity. A good way to keep moral from sliding is to make sure there are rules in place to prevent instances of sexual harassment and fighting. Appropriate procedures should be laid out ahead of time so there is proper recourse for employees to follow to remedy situations like these. Preventing a Hostile Work Environment

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