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Specification of UML Model Transformations

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1 Specification of UML Model Transformations
PhD Student : Shekoufeh Kolahdouz Rahimi Supervisors : Dr Kevin Lano, Dr Iman Hafiz Poernomo ,

2 Introduction to Model Transformation

3 Different Issues In Model Transformation
Specification Techniques for MT Different styles for MT Different approaches for MT Imperative Kermeta Declarative Pure-Relation (University Of Kent)-Tefkat Hybrid Graph Transformation-ATL- QVT

4 Code that adapts to meet QoS
Case Studies Quality of Service Requirements Slicing of State Machines S<syn C ^ S= sem C UML+QoS PIM MDA transformation PSM Code that adapts to meet QoS

5 The UML-RSDS Approach Hybrid UML+OCL UML2WEB Transformation Rules

6 Simple Transformation Rule
IntroducePrimaryKey( c : UMLClass ) pre: post: * Element Stereotype * stereotypes Name: String c.stereotypeNames  includes(“persistent") c.ownedAttribute.stereotypeNames  excludes(“identity")  excludes( + “Id") TransformationRules Introduceprimarykey(c:UMLClass) Type a : Property a.oclIsNew() s : Stereotype s.oclIsNew() = + “Id“ = “identity" a.stereotypeNames = Set { s } c.ownedAttribute =  including( a ) a.type = IntegerType type 1 * Property UMLClass feature * ownedAttribute *{subset feature} classifier

7 StateMachine

8 Future Work Approach Modularity Validation Verification Implementation
Pure relational OCL checker Translation to B Transformation to Java(incomplete) UML-RSDS classes Inspection/OCL checker Code synthesis(incomplete) QVT rules Translation to proof tool Interpreter Kermeta By execution Already executable Graph Transformations Produce Imperative version

9 Questions?

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