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International Students Orientation Laura Welch BSc (Hons), RN Practice Nurse & Health Promotion Lead Kings College, University of London.

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1 International Students Orientation Laura Welch BSc (Hons), RN Practice Nurse & Health Promotion Lead Kings College, University of London

2 Accessing NHS Healthcare in the UK

3 National Health Service (NHS) – some interesting facts - Launched in 1948 : worlds largest publicly funded health service. - Healthcare for all -the NHS remains free for anyone who is resident in the UK. -With the exception of charges for some prescriptions and optical and dental services, -60m people!! -1m patients every 36 hours

4 Who is eligible for treatment through the NHS? Am I entitled to NHS care? You are entitled to NHS 'primary care' when you arrive in the UK. Primary care is health care within General Practice and community clinics. If you have been resident in the UK for less than 6 months you need to ensure you have insurance or funds to cover secondary care you may need.

5 Who is eligible for treatment through the NHS? (cont.) Examples of 'secondary care' are: Diagnostic procedures performed in hospitals Hospital specialist out-patient appointments Some other community clinics that are funded by secondary care Admission to hospitals Until you have been resident in the UK for 6 months you will only be entitled to 'secondary care' treatment under the NHS if you are from the European Economic Area (EEA) or your country has a reciprocal agreement with the UK.

6 Non-EEA countries with a reciprocal health care agreement with UK Anguila, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands Falkland Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar Isle of Man, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Macedonia, Moldova, Montserrat, New Zealand Russia, St Helena, Serbia & Montenegro Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turks & Caicos Islands Ukraine, Uzbekistan

7 Who is eligible for treatment through the NHS? (cont.) More details can be found on the Public Health England websitePublic Health England Once you have been resident in the UK for six months or longer you will be entitled to both 'primary' and 'secondary' health care.

8 What does NHS registration entitle you to? Free consultation with GP, either at Kings College NHS Health Centre or wherever you are registered Free hospital treatment in Accident & Emergency Free hospital treatment if your Doctor recommends it Free contraceptive services Free maternity care

9 What will you need to pay for? What will you need to pay for? Any medication a Doctor or prescribes for you. (Some nurses prescribe) Any dental treatment within the NHS scheme The cost of eye tests and glasses or contact lenses

10 Some forms or letters you may ask us to complete for you Some vaccinations What will you need to pay for?

11 The role of a GP practice/health centre The GP is a General Practitioner – a doctor who has specialised in family health. GPs are qualified to see anyone from small babies to the elderly including patients with many types of physical and mental health problems You will only be referred to specialist care if you have a complicated condition or require further investigation / treatment for your illness. GPs are bound by certain national/ local guidelines when referring patients to specialists. To get an appointment with a specialist can take many weeks. You may consider paying for a private referral to be seen more quickly (which can be expensive).

12 Kings College NHS Health Centre Catchment Area

13 Register and fill forms online Make sure to bring in your student/staff ID Go and see a nurse/GP if you have an existing medical condition and need medication Many nurses in the UK are qualified to assess patients without or before seeing a doctor Alternatively if you prefer to register somewhere else, look at the NHS website at: Type in your postcode and you will be provided with a list of local GPs

14 Website :http://www.kingscollegenhshealthcentre.com Opening times: Term time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 Tuesday and Thursday: 09:00 - 20:30 Non term time: Monday - Friday 09:00 -17:30 Address: 3 rd Floor, Macadam Building, Surrey Street, Strand Campus, London, WC2R 2NS

15 Help your GP to help you Take in your existing medication and any specialist letter / investigations/ test results. Register with a General Practice before you become ill! You may be given slightly different medication from the one originally prescribed, as local protocols vary and some medications from abroad are not available in the UK.

16 Prescriptions Prescriptions If your GP gives you a prescription for medication, you then take this to a pharmacy £7.85 for a prescription (per item) Under certain circumstances prescriptions are free (and if you are under 19yrs old) Are you entitled to help with NHS costs? available from Pharmacies. You are entitled to apply for assistance with NHS charges but most overseas students will not meet the eligibility requirements for help. If you think you may be eligible complete form HC1 available from Post Offices. OTC (over the counter medications) are available.

17 Where to go if you are unwell contact your surgery Kings college NHS Health Centre 020 7848 2613 Out of hours (when the Health Centre or your GP is closed) telephone the usual number - you will be put through to a nurse/ GP

18 Where to go in case of an emergency NHS Hospitals St Thomas Hospital, Lambeth. St Marys Hospital, Paddington. Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel. Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill. University College Hospital, Bloomsbury. Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead. Emergency number in the UK 999/112 (If its not a 999 emergency but you need medical help fast and live in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea or Hammersmith & Fulham – call 111)

19 NHS Card and EHIC Card With your NHS card you may be eligible for free treatment when visiting an EEA country or a country with a reciprocal health care agreement. But you need to have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which you can obtain, free of charge, after completing a form available from Post Offices. Please note you are not eligible for an EHIC until you have an NHS card. If you are travelling outside the EEA or to any country which is not covered by a reciprocal health care agreement, you must have private medical insurance. The NHS will not help with medical costs incurred outside Europe and in cases where you do not have an NHS / EHIC card. If you go skiing you must take out private insurance. An EHIC will not cover the cost of mountain rescue, skiing and other dangerous sports which will require private insurance. When your course finishes and you go home dont forget to let your GP or the Kings College Health Centre know you are leaving the UK.

20 General Wellbeing Stress, being abroad, psychological wellbeing, language barrier, culture shock. Healthy eating, activity, alcohol, smoking, drugs, contraception, sexual health. Immunisations – Measles Mumps Rubella, Meningitis C (no need if had ACWY in last 5 yrs). Female students: Full course of 3 x Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) if still aged 18 (or completion of the course if already started elsewhere). Cervical screening if aged 25+ or already started having screening elsewhere.

21 Important websites Student-run website with advice on sexual health

22 Scanning the following QR code will enable you to download the Kings App Kings College NHS Health Centre contact details may be found via the App.


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