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The Harlem Renaissance

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1 The Harlem Renaissance
(The New Negro Movement)

2 Beginnings The Harlem Renaissance began in Harlem, New York after WWI
Created to raise significant issues affecting African Americans through: Literature Art Music Drama Painting Sculpture Movies Protests

3 Beginnings Focused in Harlem; however, it spread throughout the nation and beyond Many fled to Harlem for educations, because during this time New York passed a law prohibiting segregated schools This migration helped to begin the Renaissance

4 Music Harlem was the center of a musical evolution
This created a unique sound that has yet to be duplicated There was a musical progression that included: Marches (1890) Music Hall (1900) Ragtime (1910) Blues Gospel (1920) Stride Piano (1925) Hot Jazz (1930) Pre-Swing (1940) Swing (1950)

5 Literature A mass movement of aspiring writers into New York
This is what allowed the Harlem Renaissance to become a significant movement Some of the writers included: W.E.B. Du Bois, Langston Hughes, and Zora Neale Hurston The literature helped to transform African Americans from the psychology of the “Old Negro” (implied inferiority) to the “New Negro” (self-assertive, racially conscious, article, and in charge of their own publications)

6 Ideas and Attitudes Runs parallel to modernism
Like “two-ness” – a divided awareness of one’s identity as an American and Negro Rise of a larger Black middle class Campaign for Civil Rights New styles, or methods, of expression Like Jazz, or the development of distinct Black literature and journalistic outlets

7 Major Themes/Styles Alienation Marginality Pride Rage
Opposition to poverty, oppression, and fate “Two-ness” Superficial stereotypes revealed to be complex characters

8 Major Players Marcus Garvey Langston Hughes Ida B. Wells
Countee Cullen Arna Bontemps Jean Toomer

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