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1 Introduction to RefWorks Martin Hodgson Information specialist (Humanities) Tel: 020 7848 2186.

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1 1 Introduction to RefWorks Martin Hodgson Information specialist (Humanities) Tel: 020 7848 2186

2 2 What do we mean by citing in text & reference lists?

3 3 Styles of reference Author-date Numeric Footnotes

4 4 Bibliographic management software – What is it? Manages bibliographic records You can use it to create personal databases of references Write-N-Cite inserts citations into your text & creates bibliographies Styles of references can be changed at the click of the mouse!

5 5 RefWorks Is web-based Is accessible both on and off campus Is simpler to learn than some other bib. mgmt software Can buy a subscription to RefWorks when leave KCL

6 6 Other bibliographic management packages? Endnote / Reference Manager Available from PAWS machines Not web-based! Have more advanced features – aimed at researchers Can buy copy at reduced price for home use

7 7 Where is RefWorks? > On the ISS web- pages IT services Software Bibliographic Software Information Services & Systems : ISS : King's College London Information Services & Systems : ISS : King's College London

8 8 Step 1: Create a RefWorks account Open Or go via the ISS web pages The first time you log in there is a brief registration process

9 9 Step 2. Create your database Methods: 1. Import directly from online databases 2. Import a text file of database records 3. Search databases within RefWorks 4. Manually input How do you know which method to do? See ISS RefWorks pages RefWorks : RefWorks : King's College London

10 10 Direct Import method (CSA, OCLC FirstSearch…) Select records you want to use Click Export Select RefWorks Click Export Records will be put into Last Imported folder Move records to chosen folder – n.b. must click on Select All first

11 11 Import text file from online databases (WoS, Zetoc) After searching online databases and selecting records… –Save references in a text file –Import references –Select folder to put them in

12 12 Search databases from within RefWorks Mainly useful for getting known references Mostly library catalogues Kings Library catalogue Tip! Close window after importing

13 13 Manual Import Type or cut & paste or copy previous entries See advice on how to enter authors on the RefWorks handout Required fields shown with red asterisk Fields required vary according to reference type ie whole book, book chapter, edited book

14 14 Step 3. Inserting citations using Write N Cite Separate programme Needs Athens to log-in Works with open Word document (file must be saved first!) How? Select where you want to insert the reference in the document Click on Cite button next to the reference in Write- N-Cite window Save your file when finished inserting references

15 15

16 16 Creating a bibliography using Write N Cite Two methods: 1. Click on Bibliography in Write-N-Cite Choose style eg Harvard Click on Create Bibliography A new word document will be created – it will be called Final & the original name Save the file 2. Insert Ref ID in Word document using temporary citation markers eg {{39}} Click on Create Bibliography Citations & bibliography done at same time

17 17 Two versions of the word doc.? The final version contains the citations & bibliography Make any changes to the original file only Then insert citations & create the bibliography again.

18 18 Further help… RefWorks pages on ISS website Enquiries/Help desk –ext. 2430 at Chancery Lane –

19 19 Evalution Go to the following web page: Click on Evaluation form Enter the following code and tutor: DH-WRW-1-autumn07 Martin Hodgson

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