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Presentation Title Presenters Name Date Introduction Glow October 2006.

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2 Presentation Title Presenters Name Date Introduction Glow October 2006

3 Glow is the new name for the Scottish Schools Digital Network – National Intranet, linking Scotlands 800,000 educators and pupils What is Glow? Teachers and learners are at the heart of Glow

4 Glow Intranet This is a powerful set of tools for learning and teaching, sharing and collaborating which will be provided within a safe and secure online environment accessible at any location or time Glow is designed with one aim – to support educational development Glow is a new way to get people excited about learning

5 Glow Intranet A virtual learning environment, including virtual whiteboards, to enable materials to be created and used for learning, setting and marking of both class work and homework and the ability to source and make use of high quality resources. Glow Groups which will support you to collaborate, communicate and share materials across the network Secure access which is personalised for your use Glow services that will be available from the middle of next year include:

6 Tools Tools embedded within the portal email videoconferencing and virtual whiteboards chat rooms video streaming instant messaging mailing lists

7 Why? This set of tools will: benefit learners and teachers alike by making it easier for them to share, collaborate, report, inform, plan, and most of all teach and learn improve communication and collaboration and bring new skills to teachers and support staff encourage learners to achieve their potential, and play a full part in an increasingly technological global information society build an outstanding pool of resources, skills and knowledge break down geographical and social barriers

8 Status What has happened so far? Since the signing of the contract between RM and SEED at SETT last year significant progress has been made The Glow team has been busy working with all of the key contacts in each of the 32 local authorities across Scotland supporting them to develop their own ideas and plans for the implementation of Glow. We expect all authority plans to be developed by the end of the year

9 Mentors Mentor training, for every local authority, will begin during April of next year The mentor training will assist those who have been nominated by their local authority to develop a full understanding of how Glow will support learning and teaching and importantly how it will support national developments such as Assessment is for Learning & A Curriculum for Excellence

10 Pilot Testing Leading into the mentor training will be pilot testing work with some local authorities who will have access to the portal and national directory during October This will enable the Glow team to test the system and ensure that when it is released it is both user friendly and reliable. Similarly during the period from January to March the remaining components such as the virtual learning environment and email will be released Come mid 2007 it is anticipated that the full set of Glow tools will be available for release

11 Core Messages Glow is designed with one aim – to support educational development Glow will enhance the appetite for learning by exciting and motivating pupils Glow is for everyone. It gives teachers and pupils powerful online tools to work together in safety and security – at any location or time

12 Contact: Learning and Teaching Scotland The Optima, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8DU T: Customer Services 08700 100 297

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