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Aberdeen City Council 2008 Staff Budget Briefing Summerhill Centre, Aberdeen 13 November 2008.

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1 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Staff Budget Briefing Summerhill Centre, Aberdeen 13 November 2008

2 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Purpose To provide an overview of the councils current financial position and the key issues associated with the 2009/10 budget To provide an overview of proposals for Learning

3 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Proposed Timetable 25/11/08Resources Management Committee - package to December Council 17/12/08Council to agree package for early implementation 05/02/09Resources Management Committee - final budget and council tax recommendations 12/02/09Full Council to agree all remaining budget items and council tax

4 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Projected to achieve at least £35m of savings Overall projected shortfall of £9.5million –To be financed through capital fund Areas of likely overspend –Health & Social Care –Education, Culture & Sport –Property Maintenance Current Financial Position

5 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Forecast Spend09/10 Need for greater realism and accuracy More time to plan and implement savings Better understanding of impact of savings

6 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Council Finances 2009/10 Initial Forecast Expenditure£459.3m Anticipated Resources£434.3m Forecast Shortfall£25m

7 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Action Required To Balance Budget 6% savings across all services - £30m Choices across services Choice on council tax but …. Early implementation Realistic Efficiency savings first Impact is inevitable on public/services/ performance and staff £60m total savings over two years

8 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Savings Assessed Across Services Not Areas 6% = £30 million £1.3m - Housing £11.3m - Learning, Culture & Sport £4.5m - Environment & Infrastructure £8.6m - Social work £4.3m - Central Services

9 Aberdeen City Council 2008 (i)Technical Exercise –6% - what/how to put options/choices on the table (ii)Political decisions Two streams of decision making

10 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Culture & Learning Implications 6% £,000s (i)Learning9.749m (ii)Sports0.467m (iii)Culture, Heritage & Communities1.115m 6% saving level on gross budget m

11 Aberdeen City Council 2008 Learning £,000s 6%=9749 Options=5885 Other Options = up to4466 (not recommended)

12 Aberdeen City Council 2008




16 Cost of education per pupil (2008/09 Cipfa estimate) Pre-PrimaryPrimarySecondary Aberdeen27 th 30 th 30 th

17 Aberdeen City Council 2008 £,000sFTE L1School Roll Reductions26710 L2School Transport16010 L3Pre-School Nursery - restrictive73net nil L4Facilities700?

18 Aberdeen City Council 2008 £,000sFTE L5Efficiency – new/combined schools1805 L6Central Support Staff (10%)2006+ L7School Estatenil L8Out of Authority Placements1100

19 Aberdeen City Council 2008 £,000sFTE L9Special Schools (2% efficiency)861+ L10ASN (2% efficiency)4022 L11Education Support Provision (6%)313?

20 Aberdeen City Council 2008 £,000sFTE L12Review of Breakfast Provision600 L13Review of Additional PE Teachers304 L14Reconfigure School Weeknil L15Pupil Support Assistants L16Teaching Staffnil

21 Aberdeen City Council 2008 £,000s L17School Estate Strategy450 L18Reductions from Non-Statutory2916 Education Services L19Reduction in Teaching Staff across1100 Primary and Secondary Schools Additional Savings Options (not recommended)

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